Bobby Wells is since more than twenty years in the recording industry. “Wait A Minute” (1994) was his debut album in the Smooth Jazz - variety genre. Following in the Smooth Jazz sequence is album “I’t s About Time” 1998. Featuring Saxophonist Nelson Rangell, Darren Rahn, Mel Brown, Bob Rebholz, Gino Diquincio, Randy Chavez and Yvonne Brown. In 2005 he released the Smooth Jazz album “Bayside” with an array of top notch musicians including Eric Marienthal, Bryan Savage and more. “Here with You Lord” (2010) he praises his Savior Jesus Christ on his first Christian CD.

Now he returns with his latest Smooth Jazz album “Back In The Day” (2016). While most of the instruments are played by Bobby, he invited again his friends Gerald Albright and Darren Rahn (sax), Bob Rebholz (flute, sax), Michael O'Neill, Freddie Fox, Dr. Isidro Aybar Jr. (guitar),vocalist Yvonne Brown and his daughter Brandy.

The album begins with “She's Playful.” Bobby manages to cram in this vivid piece a great array of stunning instrumental performance. But it's Michael O'Neill, George Benson's longtime guitarist, who elevates the magic flow with his arsenal of guitar and bass.

“End of Summer”, really is the summer already gone? Bobby keeps the memory alive with this wonderful piece featuring grand master of guitar Dr. Isidro Aybar Jr. and sax genius Darren Rahn. “Back In The Day” offers a vocal bliss conjuring echoes of the golden time, so breathtakingly awesome.

On “Tee It Up” one can listen to Gerald Albright on bass, a rather seldom opportunity. Performance and sound are just pristine. “Count It All Joy” shines with overwhelming vitality, cutting-edge vocals and irresistible groove. Get on the dance floor!

“My Sweet Butterfly” pairs guitarist Michel O'Neill and flautist Bob Rebholz to a lovely ballade full enjoyment of life and positive mood. “Bella's Pier” is heaven in harmony and to make it even greater, Gerald Albright highlights the set with his stunning lead bass performance.

“Oooh Baby” is featuring Bobby and his daughter Brandy in a striking duet. “Deep Blue” is a whale song of a different kind. The rhythm drives to hurry. After a short Reprise of “End of Summer” the album approaches “Vantage Point.” Bobby brings back the vibe of funky time in a retro flash on keys.

Bobby Wells’ Back In The Day is a stellar release of smooth jazz and beyond. One of the best productions of this year.






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Album Information

Title: Back In The Day
Artist: Bobby Wells
Year: 2016
Length: 42:54
Genre: Smooth Jazz

1. She's Playful (4:01)
2. End Of Summer (3:42)
3. Back In The Day (4:50)
4. Tee It Up (3:53)
5. Count It All Joy (5:42)
6. My Sweet Butterfly (3:13)
7. Bella's Pier (5:44)
8. Oooh Baby (3:55)
9. Deep Blue (3:30)
10. End Of Summer (Reprise) (0:56)
11. Vantage Point (3:23)

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