Can you imagine that Old Friends, New Grooves (2021) is already the sixth album of the formation Under The Lake? The release that started it all was Dive In (1993), soon followed by Up For Air (1995). After a long hiatus the group re-established again to People Together (2017), Jazz, Groove & Attitude (2018), and Your Horizon Too (2020).

All albums are still available at bandcamp. Founder of the group is keyboard player Jayson Tipp. Further band members are like on the previous album Patrick Yandall (guitar), Quintin Gerard W (sax and flute), Nathan Brown  (bass) and Richard Sellers (drums). Around the Block will be the first single of the album, which is coming in July.

If you're a frequent flyer, what could be more obvious than to write a piece about it. 7AM Flight Home is a song whose basic melody was created during a flight and what can develop from it can now be heard. Peppered with solos from the players, the piece gains momentum.

Life is not a wishful thinking concert. How nice that the group sets an optimistic sign with Whatever You Wish For. A short walk by the lake to recharge your batteries. Last Day Of March captures such moments in sound.

How often are you confronted with news that makes you wonder: "Can't Believe It's True!" Patrick shows his true strengths on guitar. Another common phrase is Have I Told You? Here the band talks with the unison of their instruments.  Relaxation is often thematized in music. Lazy Saturday is the selected day of the week and the personal impression of the band put into notes.

Around The Block with the Vintage Hammond B3 reminds of the good old days when it was no problem to go roaming around the block with friends and have your fun. The soprano saxophone is the instrument of choice when it comes to radiating sweetness and gentleness, as it does with Another Mothers Day.

The change of seasons is natural. Each of the seasons has its advantages and disadvantages. With When Autumn Comes the group dedicates itself to this season, which is of special beauty due to the Indian Summer. Silver Lining features a swaying rhythm that is somewhat reminiscent of the old Philly days. With Old Friends, New Grooves the group sets its own monument of individual music.

While other smooth jazz musicians are trying to tap into a new crowd of fans with new grooves, Under The Lake is sticking to the tried and true with the album Old Friends, New Grooves. Only the group itself can determine how promising this concept is.







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Album Information

Title: Old Friends, New Grooves
Artist: Under The Lake
Year: 2021
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Mind In Overdrive


1) 7AM Flight Home (4:33)
2) Whatever You Wish For (4:15)
3) Last Day of March (4:32)
4) Can't Believe It's True (4:46)
5) Have I Told You? (4:49)
6) Lazy Saturday (4:27)
7) Around The Block (4:26)
8) Another Mothers Day (4:56)
9) When Autumn Comes (4:38)
10) Silver Lining (4:29)
11) Old Friends, New Grooves (4:36)

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