Times 4 - Seductivity


Saxplayer Lincoln Adler is in music business since a longtime. He performed on albums by artists such as kd lang, Olivia Newton-John, and The Jets, has been in bands opening for Lee Ritenour, BB King, Sonny Rollins, Robert Cray and Roy Hargrove. He was the featured sax soloist on the theme song for the TV show The Newz. Some of his soundtrack work includes a tune on Fox TV’s “New York Undercover,” the score for the film “On The Edge” and the tune “Read My Lips” from the film “Rich Girl.” He was also member of  the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, featuring actor/pianist Jeff Goldblum. He has already released several solo albums like "Dream" (1996), "Short Stories" (1997), "Are You In There" (1999) and "Sax Therapy" (2004). Comparing those album one can state that Lincoln is very ambivalent in his music style. One can listen to Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Contemporary jazz and New Age. 

Currently Lincoln is living in Berkeley, California again, where he met Maurice Miles (drums), Greg Sankovich (keyboards) and Kevin Lofton (bass). All together they founded the band "Times 4" and their debut album is "Seductivity" (2004). You can see the cats often performing in Jupiter 2181 Shattuck Avenue (at Center Street), Berkeley. A popular place for drinking, eating, small talks and live music. The new album is exactly catching the atmosphere of a live group with a big bunch of fusion. Don't await Smooth Jazz. Honestly: Lincoln's secret love is contemporary jazz and that album is a lot of fun. 

Blue 5 shows much improvisation on saxophone and keyboards. The mood is funky and  vibrant. Wah-wah-guitar, organ sound and the precise beat say acid jazz is alive. This music is standing in the tradition of groups as the James Taylor Quartet, Liquid Soul, US3, Martin, Medeski & Wood and others.

Suzy's Samba adds some Latin flavor to the acid jazz. Funky organ is mixed with salsa piano and in between Lincoln Adler follows energetically the melody line. Excellent rhythm set by drummer Maurice Miles.

Sacrifice is a slow tempo tune with a contemplating character.  From 3:07 the tune is changing the rhythm to a reggae tune. Then the tune returns to the old melody line.

The title Seductivity means a measurement of ones ability to seduce. In second line it's a very organatic tune with a blowing sax basing on a Middle Eastern tinge.

Down Low is a live improvisation. Recorded at the Shattuck Down Low  in Berkeley the piece shows the impetus of the group: Playing freestyle music improvisation, performing progressive jazz.

Red Light sounds like an alteration of Winelight. There are similarities in arrangement and theme.

Outgoing from a simple bass melody line of three notes Distracted is showcasing Lincoln's and Greg's improvisation talent. If you like the Hammond B3, have a sample.

Delicious, Uncle Funker and Balancing Stick are further tunes with a great dose of improvisations.

The band will certainly gain much respect and acclamation by jazz friends and fans of live music.  Times 4's next CD is expected Summer 2005.



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