Miles Stiebel - Excellent Distraction

Miles Stiebel defines himself as special event artist. This honorable title is justified by numerous events presenting this musician on his instrument, the violin. A violin in contemporary jazz is rather unusual. Miles has a fearless explanation: "People often tell us how much they like the way we blend the sound of the violin and saxophone or the violin and guitar, so you will hear some nice conversations between these instruments in my music."

Miles' first CD No Hassle Miles (2007) features his version of the Beatles' classic And I Love Her which has been played on over 65 jazz radio stations in the U.S. and Canada and Miles' original composition A Great Day which has been played in rotation on The Weather Channel.

Now Miles is back with his sophomore album Excellent Distraction (2009). Miles is supported by Gerry Kunkel (guitars), Pete BarenBregge (sax), Dan Reynolds (piano, synthesizer), Steve Fdyk (drums), Mark Russell (bass), Sam Turner (percussion), Bob Dawson (additional percussion), Kevin Burns and Mike Crotty (trumpet, flugelhorn), Doug Morgan (sax), Ben Patterson (trombone) and a group of strings.

The title Excellent Distraction defines the program of Miles' new project. Relaxation combined with professionalism. Easy going describes the starting tune Midnight Fifty offering the graced chops of the above mentioned musicians.

On Six Degrees Above Normal Miles is accompanied by a great string orchestra. This arrangement was created by the combined forces of Miles Stiebel and Gerry Kunkel. Miles comments: "The strings can be heard on three tracks. We wanted to keep the sound “real”, so we didn’t want to use a synthesized string sound. You can’t beat the feeling emoted from each string player in the section – the energy and fullness is tremendous.”

On Kiss Me Again Miles offers his violin theme with a great horn arrangement. Keep his previous statement in mind. The title song Excellent Distraction shows a sophisticated melody with Miles on violin in best form. Excellent relaxation could be an alternative title.

Laughter swings in a soft waltz rhythm with a broad horn orchestration. Oh yes, Miles also masters his Latin lessons, Mambo Number Miles is a good example for his mastery.

Green Light Flashing appears with a familiar appealing melody. A song for the great American songbook. Miles also performs two covers, Dance With Me, a composition of John Hall and Stevie Wonder's Sir Duke. But he really shines on his own compositions like Wonderful You presenting the warm sound of his awesome violin.

Excellent Distraction is a great gift for all fans of Miles Stiebel's music and he won many on his numerous events.



  • Album Information

Title: Excellent Distraction
Artist: Miles Stiebel
Year: 2009
Length: 0:39:09
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Miles Stiebel


01 Midnight Fifty / Miles Steibel [4:17]
02 Six Degress Above Normal / Miles Steibel [4:25]
03 Kiss Me Again / Miles Steibel [3:47]
04 Excellent Distraction / Miles Steibel [4:22]
05 Laughter / Miles Steibel [4:36]
06 Mambo Number Miles / Miles Steibel [3:57]
07 Green Light Flashing / Miles Steibel [3:06]
08 Dance With Me / Miles Steibel [2:56]
09 Wonderful You / Miles Steibel [3:54]
10 Sir Duke / Miles Steibel [3:51]