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Ronny Smith is one of the most productive guitarists. After his albums Long Time Comin (2001), Laid Back (2002),  Got Groove (2006) he already released his fourth album Simply Stated (2007) in between a short period. Listeners will welcome that Ronny perfects his style and is a never-ending fountain of new ideas. He is supported by Conley "Tony" Whitfield (bass), Vernell "Dooder" Mincey (drums), George "Wake" Campbell (sax) and Gerald "Gman" Chavis (trumpet). Ronny has produced, arranged and composed all songs with the exception of the tunes Josey and Fallin' In Love With Jesus.

The album starts with Bossa Awhile, an uptempo smooth jazz tune with a peremptory melody and a pushing keyboard loop. Chillin After Eight slows down the tempo laying down the right foundation for Gerald "Gman" Garvis' muted trumpet. Award-winning trumpeter Gerald Chavis currently performs and teaches in the Wilmington, Delaware - Philadelphia, PA area.

Majorca was originally recorded for Ronny Smith's album Laid Back. The original version is more dainty while the remix version wins by an awesome flute arrangement.

Walter Becker and Donald Fagen (Steely Dan) composed Josie for their groundbreaking album Aja (1977). One of the seldom tunes on which Walter Becker performs a guitar solo. Categorized as jazz rock the tune attracted many guitarists worldwide like Larry Carlton, Chieli Minucci or Steve Saluto. Ronny calls his version Josey and gives it a funky attitude.

Laidback is the second tune taken from the album Laid Back. The remix version tightens the melody up by reducing the theme to the guitar loops.

She's So Special was taken from the album Got Groove. While the original has a strong R&B character, forms Ronny the remix version to a more jazzy guitar tune and enriched it with Garvis' flugelhorn.

Simply Stated is a mellow ballade with a laidback elegance. Vernell "Dooder" Mincey's work on drums showcases a brilliant complexity. Vernell is on the verge of becoming one of the most powerful musicians of his time. Vernell accredits his success in part to prominent musicians such as Dennis Chambers and Dave Weckl.

Fallin' In Love With Jesus (penned by Jonathan Butler) is a heartfelt gospel interpretation of singer William Banks. A vocalist with a remarkably clear and strong voice.

Funny How Time Flies is the second vocal tune on this otherwise instrumental album. Ronny Smith performs his guitar loops in his own professional manner.

Simply Stated offers Ronny Smith's new compositions and some remixes of his earlier tunes. A guitarist in a good progress. Let's see which avenue he is following in the future.





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  • Title: Simply Stated
    Artist: Ronny Smith
    Year: 2007
    Length: 0:35:07
    Genre: Smooth Jazz
    Label: K&A Music

    01 Bossa Awhile [4:01]
    02 Chillin After Eight [4:10]
    03 Majorca (Remix) [3:15]
    04 Josey [3:51]
    05 Laidback (Remix) [4:15]
    06 She's So Special (Remix) [3:50]
    07 Simply Stated [3:39]
    08 Fallin' In Love With Jesus [4:28]
    09 Funny How Time Flies [3:38]