Hailing from Montreal, Canada guitarist Les Sabler has constantly build his reputation as top musician with his albums Hidden Treasure (1990), Time For Love (1994),  Bridge The Gap (2003) and Sweet Drive (2007). The new album Crescent Shores (2010) is a logical continuation of his artistic work.

In 1991 Les Sabler and his group often opened shows for Richard Elliot. That led to the opportunity to record some tracks in Richard's studio. Some of these tracks were published on his second album Time For Love but according to the liner notes of his new album most of the tapes were stored.

Recently Les Sabler went into the studio again and completed with the support of keyboardist Allon Sams his studio work from 1991. The new album contains some tracks of the old recording and several new compositions.

The starting song Crescent Shores is entitled after Crescent Beach, a small beach in Siesta Key. Les lived in that time in Sarasota and often walked along the shores. This beautiful memory in mind he wrote the song capturing the moment in awesome notes.

Stevie Wonder composed Overjoyed for the 1979 album Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants, but released it later in 1985 as single fostering a #1 hit. The song is very popular in the smooth jazz genre. Blake Aaron, Michael Patches Stewart and Roger Smith already covered the song. Les Sabler's rendition featuring the lovely vocals of Velma Glover is certainly the most hooking version.

The previous members of John Mayall's Turning Point John Mark and Johnny Almond performed Lonely Girl on their album Mark-Almond '73. Their jazzy approach impressed many musicians although they never had the success, they deserved. Les Sabler revives that gem of the past.

A man should do three things in life. First, got a son, then, build a house and then plant an apple tree. Instead of the third thing, he can write a stunning song like trumpet man Mark Pettery. Les decided to play that song. What do we want more?

"The words that I can't say, become the sounds that I feel," sings Sabler on Mirror Of Your Heart. Well, Les knows exactly what to say and sing. Brilliant the meting of his wonderful guitar with Velma Glover's lovely vocals. Await a heartfelt ballade. Bossa Nova flavored guitar sound clinks through the Market Street. Allon Sams' accompaniment on keys is out of this world.

Sting composed the song Fragile for his album  ...Nothing Like the Sun (1988). The song is dedicated to Ben Linder, who was killed by the Contras. A song with a strong melodious potential often covered by best-known artists like Jesse Cook, Nils Landgren or Isaac Hayes. Les Sabler's treat of this marvelous song lets his guitar shine.

When two high-talented musicians like Les Sabler and Allons Sams share a studio, one can be sure that the result is just what the doctor ordered. Turn Of The Century is the best prove for that. The Peace River is a river in Canada that originates in the Rocky Mountains of northern British Columbia and flows through northern Alberta. On Peace River Suite Les Sabler reproduces the colorful stream of the river.

The Latin-flavored Walfredo exposes Steve Gould on flute. The perfect introduction to the final Sunset Serenade. A lyrical piece presenting Les Sabler's soulful acoustic guitar.

Crescent Shores is Sabler's new masterwork. The place, where virtuosity meets emotion.






Album Information

Title: Crescent Shores
Artist: Les Sabler
Year: 2010
Length: 0:49:57
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Big Deal Records

01 Crescent Shores [5:17]
02 Overjoyed [3:55]
03 Lonely Girl [4:46]
04 Island Princess [3:51]
05 Mirror Of Your Heart [5:24]
06 Market Street [3:44]
07 Fragile [3:58]
08 Turn Of The Century [4:03]
09 Peace River Suite [5:30]
10 Walfredo [5:27]
11 Sunset Serenade [4:04]

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