UK based guitarist Roberto Restuccia studied at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford. His early influences were guitarists such as Slash and Prince. Later he discovered smooth jazz through the music of George Benson and Ronny Jordan.

The album Exposure (2016) is his musical debut. All tracks are written, produced, recorded and mixed by Roberto himself, who is regularly performing in UK to promote his project.

The album starts with Paradise. A place which is associated with a lot of desire. Roberto's  subdued way of playing is reminiscent of the music of Ronny Jordan but also near to Zachary Breaux.

The melancholy ballad Under Your Spell reveals Roberto's sensible attitude, he can completely express on his wonderful PRS Hollow Body 2 with a distinctive and clear sound. Another way of playing the guitar he shows on Pinstripe. A bit sharper and coming to the foreground with a beautiful dynamic tone.

ZigZag brings a sophisticated interplay between rock and jazz, fanciful in a back and forth with great improvisation and a lots of feeling and wit. Digital Delicacy developes like a magnificent butterfly from a metamorphosis, wherein the melodious approach stands back in favor wider improvisation.

On the bluesy In The Groove Roberto performs a Stratocaster showcasing his versatility in different styles and playing techniques. The gently sound of Exposure opens the view on Roberto's serenely contemplative way of playing and the acoustic aesthetics of guitar melody in sonic concordance to the other instruments.

The final solo guitar piece Sargent & Duchess impresses with romantic phrasings and infectious textures.

Roberto Restuccia shows with Exposure a level of excellence and melodic strength that transcends the chosen smooth jazz genre. To discover such a outstanding talent is the privilege of insiders.




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Album Information

Title: Exposure
Artist: Roberto Restuccia
Year: 2016
Length: 0:33:02

01 Paradise [4:51]
02 Under Your Spell [4:41]
03 Pinstripe [4:40]
04 ZigZag [4:12]
05 Digital Delicay [3:45]
06 In The Groove [3:09]
07 Exposure [4:47]
08 Sargent & Duchess [2:56]