Organic News is a formation founded by Klaus Graf (alto sax and rap), Martin Meixner (Hammond organ) and Michael Kersting (drums). Their first project is entitled Game On (2016).

Klaus Graf is influenced by jazz saxophonists Michael Brecker and Bob Mintzer. Berlin based Michael Kersting had the idea to this new band. Longtime friends Klaus and Michael invited Martin to join. They knew him by several band projects.

The album was recorded in a night-time session at the end of a concert tour. The band name is self explaining. Unlike many other contemporary overproduced recordings the band is going a rustic way.

Full House is a Brian Auger flavored cover of a composition by David Sanborn and Marcus Miller from Sanborn's album Upfront (1992). Those who already feels Sanborns' album as fresh air, will be delighted by this new breeze.
Carrot Cake is a tune by the Peter Bernstein Trio from their album Earth Tones (1998). This interpretation is even more earthy, which is due to the electronically alienated saxophone. Psyclopes is an original composition of the group. The title derives from the mythical term Cyclops. This is a dramatically reinvented bebop piece.

The cover of Joni Mitchell's Man From Mars (1998) takes us back to quieter water. This love story about a little runaway cat has a spellbinding melodious core. Game On, a composition by Klaus Graf, reveals the band's technical proficiency. While Finally Home by Martin Meixner appeals to the emotions in us.

Saxophonist Ornette Coleman is obviously an exponent of free bop. The rendition of Ramblin' from his album Change Of The Century (1960) turns out to be wilder than the original. Fragile by Sting from his album Nothing Like the Sun (1988) is par excellence a masterpiece of pop music. An enchanting melody which nevertheless presents a challenge for each artist. Klaus Graf has found the solution in an euphoric way.

A cover of Show Me What You Got by Jay Z is certainly not what a jazz purist awaits on a jazz album. This speaks for the stylistic flexibility of this group.

With Game On this trio is a winner and surpasses expectations. Leaving the musical comfort zone can be so joyful.






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Album Information

Title: Game On
Artist: Organic News
Year: 2016
Length: 0:51:19
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Mochermusic

01 Full House [7:08]
02 Carrot Cake [5:11]
03 Psyclopes [5:35]
04 Man From Mars [6:18]
05 Game On [5:02]
06 Finally Home [6:51]
07 Ramblin' [5:44]
08 Fragile [5:46]
09 Show Me What You Got [3:44]