The Jazz Smoothies - Refreshing Mixes

David Kowal, the man behind this project is a thoroughbred musician. If you have time to read his biography you will understand that he has dedicated his whole life to music. Now living in L.A. this album is expression of the smooth side of his contemporary musical career.

David Kowal has composed and recorded this album in his own studio in 2003. Supporting musicians were Jimmy Earl on bass, Grant Geismann on guitar, Adrian Peritore on guitar, Bruce Bartlett on guitar, Peter Gordon on flute and sax, Ray Frisby on drums and Scott Breadman on percussion.

Especially Peter Gordon on flute has a great influence on this album. One can already notice it on the first song Vista. Peter plays flute with much reverb accompanied by Bruce Bartlett's guitar. The clear melody is overtaken by Bruce. The reverb effect let the music floating.

Jammin' 'n Westwood is more earth bounded. Peter Gordon's sax is introducing onto the main theme. The piece is rhythm enhanced by Scott Breadman's percussion.

On Keep It Movin' Peter Gordon has more space for an extensive flute solo between the main lead. Bottle-necked guitar tones are giving a Western touch.

Lazy Daze is the first contemporary jazz outbreak with much energy. Peter Gordon presents some overdubb sax perfectly supported by Jimmy's bass. Jimmy Earl is a master of fretted and fretless. He has played and recorded with Chick Corea, Stanley Clark, Robben Ford, Italian vocalist/guitarist Pino Daniele, The Crusaders, Lonnie Liston Smith, Ramsey Lewis, George Duke, Gato Barbieri, and Jonathan Butler. I suggest to listen his solo project "Stratosphere" (1999).

A return to more New Age ground is Locked Up Inside. David Kowal takes the musical torch from Peter Grodon's flute. I regret that he only repeats the melody without using the opportunity for a jazzy improvisation.

Nice Spanish guitar tones are to find on Carry On. This is a real jammer.

Always Love is a slow ballade. First staying in a slow memento the piece gets more power by drums and percussion.

Getting Warm, By My Heart, Summer  are further tunes on this album. The atmosphere is generally floating between New Age and Smooth Jazz. All musicians are excellent players. David Kowal finds himself in good neighborhood. David recommends his album for moments when you're sipping on a smoothie, when you're cooking with friends or just hangin' out.

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