Dimitri Kovachev  a.k.a. Dimitri K lived in Sofia, Bulgaria in the 80's. Now he works as a music composer, producer and publisher, with a recording production studio in Orlando, Central Florida.

His smooth jazz projects are So Intensified (2016), Silence (2017) and Slim Profile (2017). His newest one is Blue Cat, also released in 2017. Dimitri has written, arranged and performed all tracks.

The starter and title song presents an intimate interplay between Dimitri and guitarist John Valeri. John's own release Now (2015) is still available on CDBaby. Both musicians place less importance on virtuosity than on atmosphere. Harmony is the magic word.

I Saw Her flies in with a lyrical approach. Alvin L. Giles' romantic piano play is carefully underlined with strings and flute. Alvin contributed the piano lines to the score of the movie "Twelve Years a Slave." Down Town features guitarist John Valeri again. The tune strings together known musical elements and blends seamlessly styles and themes of Dimitri's artistic heritage.

On Mystery Bound saxophonist Gabe Carson shows his talent. He is very active all over Florida with the neo-funk group called The Gerry Williams Band. A hint of gloominess and esoteric dribbles around the theme. Implied brings a new instrument to the foreground. The main actor is Roumi Petrova, master of viola via Conservatory of Sofia, Bulgaria and Johannesburg, South Africa.

Most of us associate pleasant memories with San Juan, capital city of Puerto Rico. Juan Valeri can sensitively empathize these impressions on his nylon guitar. In All Aspects involves trumpet player Jochy Rodriguez, who enriches the local music scene of Orlando with the Latin jazz group Iba A Se.

Due Time brings out the musical personality of the guitarist Van Galen, who was at the Conservatory of Sofia, Bulgaria years ago and now performs as leader of the Van Galen band in Washington D.C. Trumpet player Alexander Pascalev joins the team on the tracks Obscurity and Thatíll Do It. He has a deceptively sonic and smooth tone.

Vague Curiosity shares with many other tunes of this album a subtle sadness, which may be explained by the Bulgarian origin of the participating musicians. Guitarist Juan Valeri takes the opportunity to flash his outstanding skills. Breakfast in Heaven features Jamie Strefeler on oboe, an instrument that is more at home in classical music. The piece is definitely influenced by the character of this historic instrument.

Multi-instrumentalist Dimitri K. is part of a close fellowship with comparable origin and development. Understandably this characterizes their music and also the product of their interaction.






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Album Information

Title: Blue Cat
Artist: Dimitri K.
Year: 2017
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Independent

1   Blue cat- feat. John Valeri, guitar

2   I saw her - - feat. Alvin L. Giles, keyboards

3   Down town - feat. John Valeri, guitar

4   Mystery bound - feat. Gabe Carson, sax

5   Implied - feat. Roumi Petrova, viola

6   San Juan- feat. John Valeri, guitar

7   In all aspects - feat. Jochy Rodriguez, trumpet 

8   Due time - feat. Van Galen, guitar 

9   Obscurity - feat. Alexander Pascalev, trumpet 

10 Vague curiosity- feat. John Valeri, guitar

11 Thatíll do it - feat. Alexander Pascalev, trumpet 

12 Breakfast in heaven - feat. Jamie Strefeler, oboe