Connecticut based saxophonist Doug Jones has already released the albums Heart and Soul (1994), Shades Of Gray (2002), and Top Down (2013). This year he returns with Secrets.

He recorded his new album with band member Rick Handville (guitars) and in addition Troy Slocum (string arrangement). Doug performs saxophones, flutes, keys and programming. All songs are written, arranged, recorded and produced by Doug himself.

With Sunshine the album takes a start. Like a sun ray shines the dazzling melody always the sax in the lead. Rick Handville drops in some Benson like guitar riffs.

Forgiveness is one of the essential human virtues. Doug Jones can blow and his interpretation is full of wistful expression. Beautiful Dream awakes with steel drums Caribbean flair while the sax warms the audience with soothing tones.

While the title Secrets lets expect something mysterious, the song is actually the stage for Doug's incredible talent show. On Dinner Rush the guitar creates some funky ambiance, while the sax prefers the mellifluous direction. 

One More Time is Doug's occasion to present the sax in a prominent role. Stretching out his instrument in overdub and in solo interpretation. October Sky blends sax and guitar to an entertaining ride.

With the extended use of sax Every Breath covers the romantic side well served by Troy Locum's string arrangement. The final Back On Redwood offers a quiet groovy 60s big beat piece.

Doug Jones stands with Secrets unswervingly loyal to the sound of the past and delivers unique creations especially for the older generations. Ideal for young-at-heart and style-conscious audience.






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Album Information

Title: Secrets
Artist: Doug Jones
Year: 2016
Length: 0:43:43
Genre: General Jazz

01 Sunshine [4:23]
02 Forgiveness [4:14]
03 Beautiful Dream [3:57]
04 Secrets [4:40]
05 Dinner Rush [3:41]
06 One More Time [5:44]
07 Morning Traffic [4:05]
08 October Sky [4:04]
09 With Every Breath [4:49]
10 Back On Redwood [4:06]

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