David Hughes - Swoosh


Since the success of the music group ABBA all listeners know, good music is coming of Sweden. The bass is David Hughes' instrument. So why not call his website swedebass.com. Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Hughes has been a Californian since 1994. He got his merits as a member of the jazz crusaders. Now he is back with his debut album "Swoosh", featuring Hughes playing six-string fretted and fretless bass guitars. 

"The two extra strings provide an expanded range suitable for playing melodies, solos and chords, tasks somewhat unusual for a bassist" Hughes informs. The album is starting with an unusual soundscape (Wind and lightening). After this intro Swoosh presents the Marcus-Miller-like bass player accompanied by a blowing organ.

Benoit is dedicated to David Benoit and he is really playing Grand Piano on this romantic piece. David Benoit hasn't changed the style of his piano play. So this tune could be right of his album "Fuzzy Logic", especially because he is playing with Andy Suzuki, who is also David Benoit's sax player.

Waiting For The Crowd is a melodic sound collage of piano, bass and drums. Although not mentioned in the liner notes, I would give a tip on Benoit again.

Carlton is a typical guitar tune. The guitar is performed by Allen Hinds with much sensitivity. "Allen has the ability to add so much character, color and dimension to any tune he plays. His sense of time is impeccable, and he always knows what to play and just when to play it. He is also one of the most dynamic soloists I've ever heard," says Jeff Kashiwa about his band member. What a wonderful homage to the great contemporary jazz guitarist Larry Carlton.

After a thunderstorm when the first rays of sunshine brighten the nature, that's the time and atmosphere of Clearing. A romantic piece featuring Greg Mathieson on grand piano and David on fretless bass. Larry Carlton and many other great artists had this fellow perform on so many of their terrific works. "Clearing, is my musical painting of a Swedish forest clearing on a sunny spring morning," comments David.

David Hughes is obviously a friend of good piano music. So he recorded one another piece with Greg. Riverside offers David more room for extensive soloing. Andy Suzuki on flute adds a nice accompany. "I'm just trying to do the music I love," concludes Suzuki. "I used to think that the world of music was this huge thing and I was a little dot. Now, rather than be consumed by music, I've found a friendly, healthy place for it. I used to feel more of an obligation to music and less to myself. How, I feel more responsibility to myself to do what's right: playing music is it."

Millertime shows David in the role of a deserving Marcus-Miller-successor. Very convincing. A top notch bass player. The funky piece is hooky.

Brian Price on guitar is the hero of Sunshine, a measured tune with some strings in the background. "I am so thrilled to have Wilton Felder's sax performance on Sunshine," comments David. Wilton Felder spent over 30 years with the group known as the Jazz Crusaders, where David is regularly playing the bass. Felder remained with the Crusaders until its end in the late '80s and had a reunion with Wayne Henderson in the '90s in a new version of the group.

Contemplationalism reveals more of the funky David. Andy Suzuki sparkles in with his flute. There is some fusion, some contemporary and some smooth jazz.

The romantic acoustic side of David is showcased on Kenny. No it's not a dedication of Kenny G nor Kenny Logan. Just pure instrumental.

David is living in LA. So the ocean is influencing his live. Waves is the result.

Swoosh is a real treasury for friends of the bass.

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