Guitar virtuoso Russ Hewitt describes his style as smooth jazz, Nuevo Flamenco and Latin World music. He counts the albums Bajo el Sol (2008) and Alma Vieja (2011) to his credits. His new album Cielo Nocturno (2016) already garnered rave reviews.

Guest musicians on this album are Larry Carlton, Ardeshir Farah and Alfredo Caceres (guitars), Bob Parr (bass, keyboards), Raphael Padilla (percussion), Walfredo Reyes Jr. (drums) and Wladimir Kaliazine (accordion).

A colorful bunch of musicians, a motley crew of styles. All songs are composed by Russ, no cover in sight. The album starts with Presidio, a Latin tinged song with a strong shot of joie de vivre. A catchy melody brilliantly presented.

Sao Paulo is the pulsing economic center of Brazil. With his tribute Samba Sao Paulo Russ pays homage to the vivid life of this mega city. Serenidad is the Spanish word for serenity. This inner peace also radiates the musical piece.

San Elizario is a small town in Texas. The city was founded around a Spanish fort called Presidio de San Elizario. The name inspired this Spanish flavored tune. North of Home opts for acoustic guitar with an intoxicating playful ingenuity. Arenas Blancas shows that this predilection for intricate playfulness  develops more and more into a core competence or passion.

Cervezas and Cigars fuses guitar, Tablas and accordion to a brisk and energetic multi-hued Latin special. Um Abraco Do Bossa recommends ôLet you hug by a Bossa Nova.″ Guitarist Russ Hewitt's guitar performance is authentic. He lives the Bossa Nova.

Brisa De Monte comes from the mountain with a warm summer breeze spinning the pinwheels. The tile Persian Sky is somehow misleading, Russ doesn't leave the Spanish music. With genuine passion he keeps it Latin on Hike to La Cruz. His creative finger style has no limitations.

When Marc Antoine presents smooth jazz, Lawson Rollins world music, then Russ Hewitt is essentially the acoustic guitarist of Spanish flavor. Aficionados of Nuevo Flamenco will find in this album their musical home.






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Album Information

Title: Cielo Nocturno
Artist: Russ Hewitt
Year: 2016
Length: 0:48:16
Genre: Latin
Label: CDBaby

01 Presidio [4:18]
02 Samba Sao Paulo [4:02]
03 Serenidad [4:29]
04 San Elizario [4:50]
05 North of Home [3:59]
06 Arenas Blancas [4:01]
07 Cervezas and Cigars [4:43]
08 Um Abraco Do Bossa [4:02]
09 Brisa De Monte [5:12]
10 Persian Sky [4:11]
11 Hike to La Cruz [4:29]

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