Four80East is the project of Toronto based musicians Rob DeBoer and Tony Grace. They started with The Album in 1997, followed by Nocturnal (2001), Round Three (2002), En Route (2007), Roll On (2009), Off Duty (2012).

Their newest album is entitled Bibliotheca (2013) and is their best-of collection added by a special remix. Currently this album is only available as download version designed exclusively for Europe.

The album starts with Been Too Long from the album En Route. The piece has a special chill-out flavor, which is very popular in Europe. The song features Jon Stewart on tenor saxophone making it delicious for smooth jazz fans. The Rhodes solo is the icing of the cake.

Their dance floor hit Noodle Soup should not be missed. I remember, that Fou80East offered their fans several versions of this song. Their song from the album Round 3 Je Pense A Toi (I think of you) is presented in two versions. A winsome voice full of femininity meets an accordion. Caroline Seydoux is the personality behind the voice.

Eastside from their debut album is another of those hypnotic tracks with a catchy groove. A groundbreaking tune also featuring Jon Stewart on sax. The similarity with the formation Down To The Bone is not accidental. The special feature in contrast to the European chill-out music is the urge of the group to place a captivating melody. After All This Time is a good example for this appearance.

Stars Like These shows another aspect that shows up in the music of Four80East, strong rhythm and speed. Typical Acid Jazz, as we know it from UK. With In The Hidden Garden the band turned down a gear and lose itself in dreamy escape. On Double Down the indicated guitar sounds remind me of the late Ronny Jordan. Finally takes Jon Stewart the lead again.

Another stylistic device is the hypnotic repetition of phrases that come off late in a piano solo on Waterline. Last Flight To LA lets the electronic element reinforced come into play. In general much is programmed on the albums, but that doesn't terminate groove nor dynamic.

The music of Four80East combines elements of hip hop, techno and pop with smooth jazz, what makes the group so extremely popular.






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Album Information

Title: Biblioteca (Compilation)
Artist: Four80East
Year: 2013
Length: 0:60:14
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Boomtang Records


01 Been Too Long [4:53]
02 Noodle Soup [4:17]
03 Je Pense A Toi [5:08]
04 Eastside [5:58]
05 After All This Time [5:37]
06 Stars Like These [4:59]
07 In The Hidden Garden [5:48]
08 Double Down [5:45]
09 Waterline [5:36]
10 Last Flight To LA [6:13]
11 Je Pense A Toi - French Kiss Mix [6:00]