Oakland, Ca. based Gilbert Baskerville Jr. is a professional musician since more than 20 years. He is a saxophonist playing  soprano, alto, tenor saxophones. As owner of the music studio The Sounds of Baskerville he supports many artists.

This year he presents his debut album All For You, a collection of his best songs. All songs are composed by Gilbert, a great bonus.

Enjoy his gentle mellow music. We have found a New Friend. A waving melody with a pleasurable rhythm. Love At First Sight takes a more demanding position with a glimpse to fusion jazz.

You See Me speaks to the romantic vein of the audience. What do you do on a Rainy Day? Right, you are relaxing and that is this song all about. Soft Breeze imports some tropical flavor to the album.

With Just Relax Gilbert returns to the favorite theme of his album. Smooth Jazz is his homage to a genre which is currently defending its position in music business. Gilbert's appeal for romance It's You That I Adore mesmerizes with a glooming melody.

Bazz Funk is Gilbert's moderate approach to this genre. Cha Cha With My Baby awaits your move to the dance floor. All For You offers a romantic alternative. Swing Shift paints a pixel work of organ, sax and percussion. Frances continues the sound tapestry. The album is closed by A Song For My Mother, clearly destined to honor the life work of Gilbert's mother.

Gilbert's debut album All For You reveals his excellent skills in song writing and performance of his lead instrument, the saxophon in all its manifestations.






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Album Information

Title: All For You
Artist: Gilbert Baskerville
Year: 2010
Length: 1:05:37
Genre: Smooth Jazz


01 New Friend [4:21]
02 Love At First Sight [5:27]
03 You See Me [6:25]
04 Rainy Day [4:32]
05 Soft Breeze [4:57]
06 Just Relax [3:22]
07 Smooth Jazz [3:47]
08 It's You That I Adore [4:10]
09 Bazz Funk [4:06]
10 Cha Cha With My Baby [5:21]
11 All For You [5:04]
12 Swing Shift [5:27]
13 Frances [4:59]
14 A Song For My Mother [3:40]