Ukrainian-born multi-instrumentalist Konstantin Klashtorni is not that public person like other artists, so he has no list "played with, collaborated with". He is not touring either, far from the type of person besides lack of interest. In this stage of his life he likes producing more than anything else. And that he makes in an expressively productive way.

In my today's review I write about his album Kool&Klean Volume II, he has released in 2011 on his very own label KvK music. It is idle to constantly highlight the parallels to the music of Paul Hardcastle. But Far Away has substantially that typical groove. Although an epigone he drives the song to perfection.

Look At Me Now melts flute, keys and sax to a lava flow that even liquefies a glacier. Now Or Never is Konstantin's motto bringing acoustic guitar in duet with soprano sax and keyboard sounds. I have to explore his musical equipment with which he spell bounds the audience. Dream excites with voluminous listening levels. In Lost one can remark essences of Art of Noise, which he wounds dexterously in his music.

On So What he rises the tempo, wherein he makes abundantly use of his various sounds. What counts is the groove! Caught My Eye is another sonic excursion into the land of hipness. Reality is a strong word for harmonic coolness with acoustic guitar and keyboard sounds.

The finest expression of a human is his smile. I Smile is Konstantin's soothing sax in solo and overdub joined by his lovely guitar and a catching keyboard sound. Share My Life shines with a glooming set of sax, horn and flute in perfect harmony. The group Chicago couldn't do it better. The final tune Walking smolders a short fire of the above mentioned instrumental selections.

With Kool & Klean Volume II presents Klashtorni anew his fine sense of groove and harmony with his one-man orchestra.






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Album Information

Title: Volume II
Artist: Kool&Klean
Year: 2011
Length: 0:49:06
Genre: General Jazz
Label: KvK Music

01 Far Away [4:04]
02 Look At Me Now [4:48]
03 Now Or Never [3:56]
04 Dream [3:58]
05 Lost [4:33]
06 So What [4:51]
07 Caught My Eye [5:06]
08 Reality [4:28]
09 I Smile [5:10]
10 Share My Life [4:16]
11 Walking [3:56]