Saxophonist Konstantin Klashtorni continued his solo career with his sophomore album Led By You in 2006. It's different to most of his other projects, because he invited several other artists to join his recordings.

Udo Demandt (drums and percussion), Yerman Aponte (bass), Roy Lewis (guitar), Michael Simon (trumpet), Santiago Cananda Valvere (trombone), Ibernice McBean as backing vocalist and Mitchel Brunings as lead vocalist are sharing his compositions on selected tracks.

The album begins with Back It Up. A stirring tune with Konstantin's vibrant sax in progression. So Lovely inspires with sax, flute and natural sounds. Nice warmth and accessibility captures the audience. It Dews is the redeeming call after a long and severe winter period. Konstantin tracks musically the way of every single drop. An emotive flow pushing the music over the sonic edge.

Haven't Got the Heart delivers some vocal R&B flavor featuring singer Mitchel Brunings, who has a great fan community around Amsterdam and the rest of the world.  The easy going Led By You reveals saxophonist Konstantin's stunning vitality and dynamic phrasing.

Close offers a superb balance of loveliness and propelling pulse. On the Way is certainly the best example for the expanding variety brought in by the other musicians, who contribute their own impulses. Ocean of Joy has a gospel like attitude, which is seldom in  Konstantin's artistic field.

Look Around
shines with another excursion into smoothness featuring Konstantin on sax in the lead and Michael Simon on muted trumpet. On Stay Romantic Konstantin combines keyboard sounds with an expressive and rustic character and his immaculate overdubbed sax performance.

Led By You already sketches the style Konstantin today masters to perfection. A rising star of the past has now arrived the Olympus of smooth jazz.






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Album Information

Title: Led By You
Artist: Konstantin Klashtorni
Year: 2006
Length: 0:43:08
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: KvK Music

01 Back It Up  [4:18]
02 So Lovely  [4:08]
03 It Dews  [4:59]
04 Haven't Got the Heart  [4:09]
05 Led By You  [4:08]
06 Close  [3:43]
07 On the Way  [4:03]
08 Ocean of Joy  [4:34]
09 Look Around [4:54]
10 Stay Romantic  [4:12]