Multi-instrumentalist Konstantin Klashtorni is known to have released two series. Kool&Klean and Chillaxing Jazz Kollektion. I asked him to describe the difference between both series from his personal sight as artist.

Konstantin explains꞉ Kool&Klean is more groovy, trendy and experimental. I try to open another sound dimension still staying within SJ genre. Chillaxing Jazz Collection is more chill out orientated, with ballad and romantic feel to it. And style wise it's on edge with New Age, at least I approach it this way. Although it's about an idea I had before creating both series, some songs can be slightly in the different vein (nobody is perfect).″

Keeping that in mind Happiness outshines the audience mood in the true sense of word with the utmost relaxation and peaceful contemplation. Touch is a physical mode of interaction between two human beings. In a pure mental sphere music can touch in a spiritual moving. This is the intention of the second tune.

The light of the setting sun creates a special atmosphere, when everything is bathed in a red glow. This moment is captured by the romantic Evening Sun. Those who prefer a chilled sound, like to choose One Hundred Ways. Piano, flute and keyboard sounds are hugging the listener.

Just Ones renews the addictive magic with a fine blend of piano and synth sounds. Soulful offers expressive synth and piano passages decorated and enriched with tender sax. The atmosphere and vibe of a Midnight City inspires Konstantin to interpret the ambiance flute wise. Daydream let you gravitate with swinging waves and acoustic guitar and gives you the mental background to disappear in your own cloud nine.

When the spring spreads his feelers, leaves and flowers are sprouting and the sun is warming up, then It Dews. Konstantin wonderfully encompasses these best moments of the year.  When the wings of Butterfly kiss the sun, the let you guide by Konstantin to the sunny sight of life. With the final All I Do he draws his personal musical resume.

With Groove Jazz N Chill #2 Konstantin Klashtorni continues his well-tried compositions and accessible melodies.






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Album Information

Title: Groove Jazz N Chill #2
Artist: Chillaxing Jazz Kollektion
Year: 2012
Length: 0:49:26
Genre: General Jazz
Label: KvK Music

01 Happiness [4:18]
02 Touch [4:04]
03 Evening Sun [5:25]
04 One Hundred Ways [4:02]
05 Just Ones [4:20]
06 Soulful [4:28]
07 Midnight City [4:24]
08 Daydream [4:21]
09 It Dews [5:02]
10 Butterfly [5:07]
11 All I Do [3:56]