Westbound are the Italians Cristian Rocco (guitars) and Enrico Catena (drums). Well known by their debut album Miles Away (2006) they are now back with the sophomore album Gone For A Walk (2011). Produced and arranged in collaboration with one of the most prominent musician in the California smooth jazz area, bassist/songwriter and producer Roberto Vally, this album will make waves in the scene.

The duo is joined by Fidel Fogaroli, Lino Sabbadini, Giancarlo Zucchi, Roberto Battini on keyboards, Bernardo “Sancho” Sangiuliano on congas, Rick Braun on trumpet and Paola Ceretta on flute. All songs were written by Cristian Rocco except the piece Let's Stay Together.

With the introducing Her I Am the band describes the direction, their music is going. Intriguing smooth jazz guitar sound for your personal relaxation. In the dead of night, Hollywood is full of stars - not those on the pavement or on the screen. Hollywood Nocturne is the theme for this night stroll.

When you are just Gone For A Walk, then the melancholy is creeping up on you. Rick Braun's muted trumpet is the perfect answer to Cristian's damped guitar. The word Babalu is a reference to Margarita Lecuona's song Babalu popularized by famous Cuban big band singers Miguelito Valdés and Desi Arnaz. But Westbound combines an own imagination with this onomatopoeic fantasy word.

With Bahia we dive deep into the great world of Latin music. Paola Ceretta's flute wonderfully flirts with Cristian's acoustic guitar. Like a Globetrotter travelling around the world and enjoying the best of all countries. Westbound gives you the ideal musical theme. Baker Street is a famous street in London, mentioned in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories about Sherlock Holmes. Gerry Rafferty's song about this street is certainly the most popular one. Westbound adds now an own interpretation to celebrate this historic lane.

Al Green's hit Let's Stay Together was covered by many smooth jazz artists like the Rippingtons (Tourist in Paradise), Jeff Golub (Grand Central), Walter Beasley (Tonight We Love) or Eric Darius (Night On The Town). Westbound's rendition has a classic Wes Montgomery style. A Little Less guitar melody, a little more jazzy improvisation. Christian's performance has an excellent groove. Definitely laid-back.

It's the certain time between dream and reality, when you dance along with your beloved person. Sway your Night Dance. When one spiritual human nature meets another one, then we define it as Soul To Soul. Westbound delivers an own musical visualization. Imagine a flight over endless valleys, when you feel the infinite freedom. The Big Chill encompass this emotion in a catchy melody.

When you love the guitar music of Wes Montgomery or Lee Ritenour, then Wesbound's Gone For A Walk is for you a logical continuation. Variety, originality and guitar mastery in one place.





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Album Information

Title: Gone For A Walk
Artist: Westbound
Year: 2011
Length: 0:51:10
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Westbound


01 Here I Am [3:36]
02 Hollywood Nocturne [5:14]
03 Gone For A Walk (Featuring Rick Braun) [4:08]
04 Babalu [4:28]
05 Bahia [4:30]
06 Globetrotter [3:52]
07 Baker Street [4:08]
08 Let's Stay Together [4:37]
09 A Little Less [4:32]
10 Night Dance [3:55]
11 Soul To Soul [3:56]
12 The Big Chill [4:14]

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