Bari resident Rocco Ventrella developed his affinity for smooth jazz in 1998. However it last to 2005, when he released his Tribute To Grover Washington, Jr. in memory of the late, great saxophone player. With his sophomore album Give Me The Groove (2007) he garnered a Grammy Awards Pre-Nomination for Contemporary Jazz Best Album. His third album Sweet Temptation followed in 2013.

Now well known as saxophonist by numerous appearances on hundreds of events Rocco shows with Another Time (2015) what is possible and that the hero is ready for the next achievement. With Greg Manning as producer Rocco has put his album in good hands. Among the plethora of participating musicians are good names like Andre Berry and Hussain Jiffry (bass), Michele Violante (rhythm guitar), Gordon Campbell and Eric Valentine (drums), Adam Hawley, Terry Wollman and Darrell Crooks (guitar), and many more.

The funky Swagger sets a high standard of pure entertainment with blasting horns. Dave Koz and Richard Elliot couldn't do it better. She's Ready delivers all ingredients for a successful tune with captivating melody, groove and dreamy harmonies. Rocco draws on the full of his experience.

With the title song sets Rocco everything on romance. Who says he does not have it. Rocco is the ultimate charmer. Quando brings Italian flair to the game with the enchanting singer Ilaria De Robertis. On Hypnotic funky wah­wah guitar sound and stomping beat are pushing the Bari sax man to a new level.

Of course Rocco also delivers some heartfelt material like the lovely ballad Stay Close to Me. Soprano sax on hip hop bass beat works. But really, it's the domain of the R&B queens. Stay With Me, a song by English recording artist Sam Smith, interpreted by the divine Kenya Hathaway, cannot be topped. On Mediterranea Rocco creates an atmosphere picture of this beautiful landscape which is rounded up by Adam Hawley on guitar.

Give me some shuffle. Say Goodbye fulfills this desire at something more leisurely way. As bonus track Rocco finishes the album with a semi instrumental version of Stay With Me. A strong melody can be heard twice.

Professionally? In any case! Marketable? 100-percentage! Up to date? Absolutely! With Another Time Rocco Ventrella is in vogue.






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Album information

Title: Another Time
Artist: Rocco Ventrella
Year: 2015
Length: 0:43:00
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Delilah Records

01 Swagger [4:14]
02 She's Ready [4:36]
03 Another Time [4:52]
04 Quando [3:38]
05 Hypnotic [4:55]
06 Stay Close to Me [4:25]
07 Stay With Me [3:21]
08 Mediterranea [5:19]
09 Say Goodbye [4:19]
10 Stay With Me (Instrumental) [3:20]

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