Wayman Tisdale was the gentle giant. Known as an American professional basketball player in the NBA, his popularity grew even more during his time as smooth jazz bass player. He launched his music career with the album Power Forward (1995), followed by In The Zone (1996), Decisions (1998), Face to Face (2001), Presents 21 Days (2003), Hang Time (2004), Way Up! (2006), and Rebound (2008).

I shared some of his worthy time during Warren Hill's Smooth Jazz Cruise 2005, where he offered his fans the opportunity to drop some sinkers with him. His part of the show was a special highlight. He exploded on his funky bass solo. While he was releasing smooth jazz albums, everybody knew his real passion. Wayman's funky party.

After the diagnosis of cancer in 2007 Wayman continued his life hosting jazz cruises, headlining tours, and being an active and loving husband and father. Nothing gonna stop us now was his motto. But only Wayman knew, when no one else did, that God was going to call him home.

“He always wanted to make funk music,” says Derek (DOA) Allen, who produced The Fonk Record and was one of Tisdale’s closest friends. “People are going to see a whole ‘nother side of Wayman on this record—he was on a mission to play as hard and funky as he could.” Wayman spend the last two years of his life finishing his first Funk record.

Wayman explains the idea of his album in The Introduction. Heavy bass, flattering sax and some deep words will open the door to Wayman's world. On Let's Ride Wayman sings with his backing vocalists, tha Suckaz, and he makes it dirty and gritty. How he loved to stretch his vocals to that stinky level. Jazz Funk legend George Duke adds some ingenious keystrokes.

This Fonk Is 4U features celebrated George Clinton and the P-funkified Wayman in an intoxicating style. Spread Tha Butta, is more fonky stuff. How the Fonk smells! Sunshine is dedicated to Wayman's wife. The guiding life in his life. Thick bass, wailing guitars and Wayman's emotional vocals, that is the eternal brew of heroes. Neck Bones is joking, kidding, partying, loud and muddy.

If U Really Want to Know (I Like It Fonk-kaa) is Wayman's Fonk anthem and postulate. Every Now and Then is more fooling around the living plant, we know as Fonk, the dirty brother of Funk. Been Here Before is a heartfelt ballade featuring late Ali Woodson, a former member of The Temptations.  Wayman's Gotta Do It serves some auto-tuned final delicacy of pure Fonk.

The Fonk Record is Wayman Tisdale's monument and message. Do the best out of your life, you never know how much time you can spend on earth. Wayman recorded his best and certainly the most joyful album. Isn't that satisfaction enough?







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Album Information

Title: The Fonk Record
Artist: Wayman Tisdale
Year: 2010
Length: 0:48:33
Genre: Funk
Label: Rendezvous Music


01 The Introduction [3:41]
02 Let's Ride (Featuring George Duke) / George Duke [4:09]
03 This Fonk Is 4U (Featuring George Clinton) / George Clinton [4:28]
04 Spread Tha Butta [5:38]
05 Tiz Phone Call [0:28]
06 Sunshine [5:57]
07 Neck Bones [3:48]
08 If U Really Want to Know (I Like It Fonk-kaa) [5:30]
09 Every Now and Then [4:47]
10 Been Here Before (Featuring Ali Woodson) / Ali Woodson [5:36]
11 Wayman's Gotta Do It [4:31]