There is no special receipt to reach the top. Excellent performance combined with a certain charisma is certainly a start up. But one also needs a tiny bit of luck to get the entrance into music business. Paul Taylor worked hard for this aim and he was successful in doing so. He played on the Catalina Island Jazz Trax Festival with Dino Esposito when he was recognized by Keiko and Kazu Matsui. Paul toured and recorded with the Matsui for two years. As a result Kazu Matsui produced Paul's debut album On The Horn (1995). A benchmark for his popularity is the fact that this album was re-issued in 2002 after a huge demand. His sophomore album Pleasure Seeker (1997) was also re-issued in the same year. Follow-ups were his albums Undercover (2000), Hypnotic (2001), Steppin' Out (2003) and Nightlife (2005).

Ladies' Choice is Paul's fourth Peak Records release.  Barry Eastmond and Rex Rideout have produced the album. Both were also responsible producers of Steppin’ Out and  Nightlife. The album is featuring female R&B vocalists Regina Belle, La Toya London and Terry Dexter. “For me, the whole music making process begins with me in a room with the sax, writing melodies from the heart,” says Taylor. “In addition to working with Barry and Rex again, it’s been a great experience to work with these incredible ladies.” The official release has 11 tracks, Circuit City offers an album with the bonus track Paradise Valley and the iTunes Store includes the bonus track Table for Two.

The album starts with the title track Ladies Choice featuring Paul on alto sax. Paul's saxophone is the lead instrument following the main theme, while the top-class crew (Barry Eastmond, keys and percussion, Michael White, drums, Darryl Crooks (guitar) and Freddie Washington, bass) performs discreetly.

The second tune I Want To Be Loved (By You) is featuring singer La Toya London. She was the fourth-place finalist on the third season of the reality/talent-search television series American Idol. Her debut album Love & Life was released in 2005 on Peak Records. Currently she is starring as Nattie in the Broadway show The Color Purple. Her clear and distinctive vocals harmonizes perfectly with Paul Taylor's sax.

On Here We Go Paul Taylor and his alto sax are standing anew in the lime light. Sultry overdubbed sax sequences are masterly set in scene.

How Did You Know is featuring Regina Belle. Regina is one of the premier R&B vocalists and has released a lot of albums since her debut 1987 with All By Myself. On Peak Records Regina has released the albums This Is Regina! (2001) and Lazy Afternoon (2004). Regina performs the song with great nonchalance and elegance. Paul Taylor will share numerous tour dates with Regina Belle this year.

Streamline has that typical smooth jazz flavor on a constant clap beat with a nice guitar line by Phil Hamilton.

Long Distance Relationship is featuring singer princess Terry Dexter. She is currently working on her upcoming album The Rebirth of Motown. What a pretty nightingale. Smoothness in vocals and sax are not beatable.

Summer's End brings some melancholy into Paul's album.

A Love Of Your Own is featuring the fourth female singer of Paul's choice: Lauren Evans. On record, her vocals are featured on albums by Grammy award winner Boney James, rock legend Mick Fleetwood, and revered hitmaker Barry Manilow to name a few. Lauren was also featured on Paul Taylor's previous album Nightlife.

With Open Your Eyes we return to diva Regina Belle. A slowtempo ballade with great emphasis on emotion.

The midtempo Overdrive accelerates the tempo moderately without loosing composure. Paul Taylor's album is designed for hours of romance.

Point of View finishes Paul's splendid album with some uptempo moments.

Although Ladies' Choice was first conceived as instrumental album, Paul did right in following Andi Howard's suggestion to include more vocals on this album. Critics and fans pick up Paul Taylor's new album with great enthusiasm.







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  • Title: Ladies Choice
    Artist: Paul Taylor
    Year: 2007
    Length: 0:49:17
    Genre: Smooth Jazz
    Label: Peak Records

    01 Ladies Choice [4:57]
    02 I Want To Be Loved ( By You ) - LaToya London [4:52]
    03 Here We Go [4:35]
    04 How Did You Know - Regina Beele [4:07]
    05 Streamline [4:35]
    06 Long Distance Relationship - Terry Dexter [4:30]
    07 Summer's End [3:45]
    08 A Love Of Your Own - Lauren Evans [5:10]
    09 Open Your Eyes - Regina Belle [4:43]
    10 Overdrive [4:00]
    11 Point Of View [4:01]