When success can be measured with the amount of album releases, Toronto based guitarist Rob Tardik certainly belongs to the winners. He started his solo career with the self-produced album Without Words (2006), followed by The Right Time (2009), Balance.Energy.Laughter.Love (B.E.L.L) in 2011 and Limitless (2013). Now he returns with Moments.

On his new album he is supported by established artists like Nate Harasim, Will Donato, Steve Oliver, Mark Hasselbach, Davor Jordanovski, Walle Larson, Robert Vally, Gary Stanionis, Will Donato, Curtis Freeman, Carson Freeman, and more. A good mixture of his bandmates and professional musicians of the smooth jazz scene.

The album starts with the Latin tinged song Sip and Salsa, up-tempo Spanish guitar with great Mediterranean flavor. This guitar style gains more and more followers in the smooth jazz community. The lush Rite Of Passage showcases more of Rob's guitar prowess backed by a horn selection with a short sax solo by Will Donato.

Moments In Time features singer Aiden Castillo, who impresses with ardent vocals and a critical song. The sultry background vocals of Dee and Brittani Cole and Rob's soft guitar riffs sweeten the impression. In Greek mythology, Eros was the Greek god of love. The erotic aspect of this song is to find in the intention as love ballade performed by guitarist Rob Tardik and saxophonist Walle Larsson in equal parts.

Hang Time draws up the pace again captivating the audience with groove and rhythm. Serendipity means a "fortunate happenstance". Will Donato and Rib Tardik reunite to incorporate that condition of happiness in their tune. Stop! is influenced by Brother Johnson's Stomp, an energetic song powered by Rob and saxophonist Walle Larson. After so much fast pace Rob treats us to a contemplative ballad with Reflections. A New Life plays the Spanish card right. On the solo guitar piece Voyageur Rob demonstrates his strengths forwarding special nuances of his guitar performance.

Funk, Jazz, Latin, Moments has it all. When it come to the nylon guitar Rob Tardik is the first address.





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Album Information

Title: Moments
Artist: Rob Tardik
Year: 2015
Length: 0:50:23
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Guitardik

01 Sip And Salsa [3:42]
02 Rite Of Passage (Featuring Will Donato) [4:06]
03 Moments In Time [5:03]
04 Eros (Featuring Walle Larsson) [5:02]
05 Hang Time [3:59]
06 Serendipity (Featuring Will Donato) [4:25]
07 Stop! [3:31]
08 Reflections [4:28]
09 A New Life [3:54]
10 Voyageur [3:45]
11 Moments In Time (Instrumental) [4:31]
12 Rite Of Passage (Featuring Will Donato) [Radio Version] [3:58]

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