Sweden based formation Soweco consists of Fredric Renmark (vocals), Mattias Roos (keys) and Peter Gustafsson (drums). The band name is an abbreviation of Soul West Coast (SoWeCo) and their music style can be defined as soul, west coast and smooth jazz. Their debut album Donít Hide Your Love hit the streets in 2012, followed by the sophomore album Only You in 2015.

Meanwhile, Mathias Roos started a solo career and released the albums My Story (2016) and Movin' Up (2017). However, this should by no means be interpreted as a dissolution phenomenon. Soweco is back with their new album Keep On (2017). Mathias already worked with Skytown Records on his second album. This fruitful collaboration, the band is now continuing with their new album. The Japanese version has another cover, a different order of songs than the US version and don't include the remix and single of Keep On.

Keep On evokes memories of the time, when funk, soul, and R&B were still in their infancy, ultramodern, innovative and full of surprises. The title song featuring guitar hero U-Nam perfectly hits this sonic sweet point of the past.  Don't Hide Your Love is drawn from Soweco's debut album presents singer "Frosche" Renmark in a prominent role.

Audience likes comparisons with already known groups.  Let me try one or two. Way Up High sounds like Frankie Beverly and Maze or Bill Withers' Just The Two Of Us. The arrangement is exquisite and Renmark's voice authentic and soulful. Listening to Let the Rain Fall Down one remarks an inflection in his timbre on such a high level, which is not simply congenital but well trained. The distorted guitar sound gives the song a fairly rough ride.

Your Love is an emotional ballad with credible depth. By the Sea delivers the female vocalist Petra Carlenarson. A song with the sparkling easiness of a Mediterranean Ibiza sound. Remarkable the a cappella finish. The sweeping ballad Good Ol' Love is another stand out for vocalist Fredric Renmark, who also feels good in slow waters.

With his own distinct artistic voice he likewise makes Lucky Charm to a pleasurable experience. We will gladly fulfill the request Listen for a Moment, because it shows the band in their entire brilliance. Forget for a Moment that Frederic has great phrasing and a tone with massive potential. Just enjoy the flow of the song.

More soul than smooth jazz Soweco holds a special position between the genres. With Keep On, the band has reached a maturity level, which is mainly due to their exceptional singer. This does not diminish the contribution made by the instrumentalists to the common success.







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Album Information

Title: Keep On
Artist: Soweco
Year: 2017
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: SkyTown Records

1. Keep On (Groove Remix) [feat. U-Nam] 4:19
2. Don't Hide Your Love 3:50
3. Way Up High 4:05
4. Let the Rain Fall Down 3:52
5. Your Love 4:47
6. By the Sea 3:49
7. Good Ol' Love 4:01
8. Lucky Charm 4:35
9. Listen for a Moment 3:46
10. Keep On 4:22
11. Forget for a Moment 3:34
12. Keep On (Groove Remix) [Radio Edit] [feat. U-Nam] 3:41