Solar Wind - Blue Horizon

Los Angeles is the heart of Smooth Jazz. There is no other city worldwide, where you find so many music groups of this genre. One of them is Solar Wind. Solar Wind is headed by the bassist Sean Mason, who also organizes the promotional and marketing part. Their debut album was "Grand Tour Alignment" (1999). Mason's electric bass is the dominant force of this CD and there is no difference to their new one Blue Horizon.

Although an independent production you can await a professional work with the great support of artists as David Benoit, Eric Marienthal and Marc Hugenberger. The record will be released in January 2003 and will be available at websites like CDUniverse and

Shoreline Drive is the typical imaginary picture of a car driving along the coast, while the driver is listening to the music. Sean is playing bass, keyboards and drum programming, the musical frame, the solos are delivered by David Benoit (piano) and Eric Marienthal (sax). David and Eric are adding jazz phrases, which let awake the smooth melody.

Sedona Sunrise is another stay at the coast, watching the red colors of the glowing sunrise. Eric shows the romantic side of his sax playing, while David adds musical ornaments, running and tied trills. Eric Robson shines on his acoustic guitar.

While staying at the sea you can feel the Catalina Breeze on your skin. Eric Marienthal plays a midtempo Bossa Nova, Eric Robson takes over the melody enriching it with quick riffs. Sean finishes the melody part with his bass interpretation and gives the torch back to Eric.

With Mix It Up the group leaves the Smooth Jazz section to make a step to Jazz Fusion. Sean showcases his qualities as a bass player. The funky part of the song is interrupted by swinging runs. Sean's approach to the bass reminds me at Gerald Veasley and this album is undoubted Sean's visit card for celebrities.

Saturn Way is another slap bass exposure. A similarity to Shoreline Drive is recognizable. This version is more aggressive and vivid. Friends of bass will admire Sean's quick and accurate running. Bass players love the speed.

The title piece Blue Horizon bears the imprint of spherical wideness. Main instruments are Sean's keyboards. The New Age impression is forced back by the tight melody.

Sean has played in Danse De La Glace. Sean has choosen this name because of the cool sounds of his Yamaha equipment. Reverb is on and strings are filling the room.

Sean returns to his Place In The Sun. More Bossa Nova with romantic contributions by Eric Marienthal and Eric Robson.

Sean's costal imaginations are resistant. We are approaching Manhattan Beach. Sean plays the melody on his bass, while Eric adds further ornaments on his acoustic guitar.

Sean's love to the bass finds another Eruption. Sean's bass playing is explosive.

Final curtain is a reprise of Sedona Sunrise. This version is with more than 6 minutes longer then the first one which enhanced the hooking quality of this tune.

Sean's new album "Blue Horizon" is the right potential for Smooth Jazz radio stations. We can await to listen it soon on many stations nationwide.