Ernie Smith  - Lovely Things


Ernie Smith 's newest album "Lovely Things" released on Sheer Sound shows up the increasing growing together of the music-market worldwide. In opposite to his earlier album Ernie has changed his music-style to R&B music. He  has developed a style of playing and singing that is an assimilation of Jazz, African and R&B references. Inspired by George Benson, Wes Montgomery, Larry Carlton and Bebe Winans his new models are to search in the contemporary R&B genre. Ernie's debut album, "Child of the Light" was produced by himself and Jasper Williams in November 2001. His new one is from 2002 and is prepared for the US music market.

The album starts with the title song Lovely Things, a smooth melodious love ballade. The tune is featuring a rap by the singer Mapaputsi. Besides his warm vocals Ernie's skills are also to find in his guitar playing which has more space than in comparable R&B compositions. Imagine George Benson would be 30 years younger.

Another awesome love ballade is Love Don't Hurt Me Again. Thanks go to Swazi Dlamini, Nokukhanya Dlamini, Leaveil Eaton, Verdine Eaton, Jenean Price, Tebogo Moloto, Azaad Gilbert and Neville Diedericks, the fantastic backing vocals. Ernie adds acoustic guitar sprinkles.

With the first instrumental Odette's Song Ernie reveals his affinity to guitar music.

On Any Kind Of Love Ernie perfects the combination of R&B and contemporary jazz. Cool guitar riffs combined with a hooking song line are the highlights of this album.

Do You know, a similarity  to modern R&B groups as Kloud 9 is obviously and deliberate.

Do you remember Kool & the Gang? Get Down On It was one of their greatest hits. Originally formed as a jazz group in the '60s they achieved their awards with popular funk music. This song is from their album "Something Special"  (1981). Ernie's cover version is more funky than the original and can be understand as an interpretation.

Further ballads are Always Love You and In A Little While comparable to Do You know.

Fresh wind brings the uptempo You're The Only One For Me. I like the combination of Ernie's guitar and Robbie Jansen's flute. Ernie should play more instrumental music. This is his domain and strength. 

But Ernie prefers Enrique Iglesias'style. So with Let You Go we listen to another love song.

With You're My Friend and Crazy Ernie presents his final hooking ballads. He melts the authentic South African choir with R&B and guitar music to a special Ernie Smith style. Let's see if this receipt is successful.