Slim Man is singer, songwriter, bassist and a man, who isn't in the constant pursuit of perhaps unattainable material goals, but takes life as it is and receives solely from the existing beautiful things personal satisfaction. Reading his diaries, enjoying his receipts of belle cuisine and listening to his beautiful music is like Yin and Yang.

Before I fall into raptures here some facts of his musical career. Songwriter for Angela Bofill, Brian Jack, the Temptations, Carl Anderson and finally creator of his debut album End of The Rainbow (1995). He really found the golden pot and continued with Closer To Paradise (1996), Secret Rendezvous (1997), Jazzified (1999), All I Want For Christmas (2000), For Now And Forever (2003), Bella Mia (2004), Solstice (2006), Christmas Eve (2008), and this year Thousand Miles Away.

Also to mention is his side project Bona Fide. In 1998 Carl Griffin needed a funky jazz group for his new label. So Slim Man gathered some of his buddies to record the first album Royal Function (1999), followed by The Poe House  (2001) and Soul Lounge (2005).

On his new album Slim Man gathered again some of his good old friends like Mark Antoine (guitars), George Hazelrigg (Rhodes, Hammond b3, mini-moog), John Coale (drums), Eric Hastings (drums), Robert Fiester (guitar), Hit man Howie Z (percussion), Eric Casillas (percussion) and Rebeca Vega (backing vocals). Slim wrote all songs except One By One, and One Of These Days, which he co-wrote with Marc Antoine.

Let's start into a Sunny Day. Slim Man allures with great charming potential his beloved woman. A wonderful ballade for the best occasions of your life. Guitar, keyboards and vocals in a perfect flow. The high quality of songs like Thousand Miles Away is recognizable in details. So uses John Coale brushes instead of sticks for his rhythmic accompaniment.

Catchy lyrics and vibrant vocals with Marc's intimate licks on acoustic guitar makes an indictment like If You Only Knew to an adoring love poem. My One And Only One, love is Slim's central theme in most of his ballades. Observe the mounting of the red moon in the blue midnight sky. Red Moon Rising is a wonderful sound collage with a great passion for arrangement, expression and emotion.

Hey Carolina is an uplifting Samba tune inviting to some sportive movement, we normally call dancing. Everywhere I Go shows the balladeer Slim Man in wistful and nostalgic memory. One By One, another love song. Co-written with Marc Antoine this song shares the influence of both artists.

Slim Man wrote Promise Of Love for Al Jarreau. Finally he decided to take it for his album because of Marc Antoine's excellent guitar layer. One Of These Days, the second co-composition with Marc Antoine features Antoine's splendid guitar work. Also impressing George Hazelrigg's brilliant adds on keys.

Sunny Day (Slight Return) is more than a reprise of the same-titled song. The breezy atmospheric song showcases Robert Fiester's mesmerizing guitar performance. If you need some funk, visit his website. For Now And Forever is an appetizer for Slim Man's live album. The song was recorded during a concert, Slim gave in California last year. The song is a little different to the title Slim recorded for his album in a studio, which is available at his website.

Thousand Miles Away
is an album full of top notch love ballades, strong compositions, fine arrangements and overall Slim's convincing and authentic vocals.






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Album Information

Title: Thousand Miles Away
Artist: Slim Man
Year: 2010
Length: 0:45:43
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Oui Oui Music


01 Sunny Day [4:02]
02 Thousand Miles Away [3:42]
03 If You Only Knew [3:08]
04 My One And Only One [3:20]
05 Red Moon Rising [4:18]
06 Hey Carolina [4:29]
07 Everywhere I Go [3:47]
08 One By One [3:30]
09 Promise Of Love [2:45]
10 One Of These Days [3:50]
11 Sunny Day (Slight Return) [3:40]
12 For Now And Forever (Live) [5:12]

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