Dan Siegel is a prolific, high-talented composer and keyboardist. In the smooth jazz genre widely known by his albums Inside Out (2004) and Departure (2006) he can look back on a rich past as musician of nearly 30 years. From this time he revives three of his more esoteric albums: Another Time, Another Place (1984), On The Edge (1985) and Short Stories (1986). While he used on his original releases electronic sounds that were en vogue during that period, Dan now prefers the modern digital software sound. 

Dan is supported on his re-imagining of these releases by top notch performers like Michael Lington (sax), Tony Guerrero (trumpet), Allen Hinds (guitar), Abraham Laboriel (bass), Charlie Bisharat (violin) and Adam Glasser (harmonica).

The album starts with Dark Star from Another Time, Another Place. Keyboard Magazine called this album the best keyboard-oriented fusion LP of the year. While the original recording sounds like a tune of Michel Jarre, the re-imagined song reaches a level of a secret esoteric gem.

Indonesian temple bells ring into Concrete Jungle. The re-awakening of the happy jungle sound with Caribbean flair. From uplifting mood to the dark atmosphere of Fugitives. Taken from the album Short Stories the tune is influenced by Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells and other forms of world music featuring the mantra vocals of Bulgarian born Nadia Freeman and Pedro Eustache's flute wonder.

A Day In The Country revives the ease of country life in a cinematic and orchestral way. Celestial Body is the right title for the next divine tune. Especially Alex Galas' bouzouki is the icing of the cake on this captivating tune. Behind The Shadow is a new esoteric composition featuring Aloke Dasgupta and Paul Livingstone on sitars.

Before You Wake has a strong piano line layered with a rich tapestry of synth sounds. The tune is multi-colored by Michael Lington's sultry saxophone. Allen Hinds' guitar gives The Last Waltz some edges as counterpart to the mellow synth sound. The absence of mental stress or anxiety is called Peace Of Mind. Dive into this stress free zone with Dan's melodious piano sound emotionally underlined by sitar players Dasgupta and Livingstone and Adam Glasser on harmonica.

Where Are You Now is taken from the album Another Time, Another Place and very close to the original. Melody and instrumental interpretation are so good, there is no room for improvement. The slow tunes Solitary, Little Creek and Star Light are masterpieces of new age, music for recreation.

"Adding these world music elements made Fables somewhat reminiscent of Hemispheres," Siegel says, "but these tracks are a bit more edgy and cinematic. I thought it might be interesting to add more excitement and sonic variety to the mix. When I first conceived the project and began working on these tracks, I decided to embellish the music with organic elements that brought a fuller musical humanity to the songs. The most enjoyable part of telling these Fables again was bringing in all these world musicians to join the traditional instrumentation and trying to explain my arrangements to them. They all did an amazing job, and it's really one of the most unique projects I've ever worked on."

Another Time, Another Place (1984), On The Edge (1985) and Short Stories (1986) were originally released on LPs and re-released on CDs by Sony in the '90's. It was a good decision to re-imagine these previous works. Gems new polished are brought back into today's light.



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  • Album information:

    Title: Fables
    Artist: Dan Siegel Project
    Year: 2008
    Length: 0:51:15
    Genre: General Jazz
    Label: Dan Siegel Music

    01 Dark Star [4:30]
    02 Concrete Jungle [4:52]
    03 Fugitives [3:20]
    04 A Day In The Country [4:07]
    05 Celestial Body [5:46]
    06 Behind The Shadow [2:25]
    07 Before You Wake [3:56]
    08 The Last Waltz [4:13]
    09 Peace Of Mind [2:48]
    10 Where Are You Now [4:16]
    11 Solitary [2:57]
    12 Little Creek [4:29]
    13 Star Light [3:37]