Inspired by a movie of the famous Rat Pack, the entertainers Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr, Jeff Kashiwa had the idea to found the band The Sax Pack. He could win fellow sax players Steve Cole & Kim Waters for this plan and soon they toured as a new power band.

However after
touring they want more. Soon they released the CDs The Sax Pack (2008) and The Pack is Back (2009) on Shanachie Records. Now they are back with the brand-new Power Of 3 (2015). The album consists of ten tracks, mostly originals. The album starts with the uplifting Sooner Or Later. Polyphonic saxophone sound in perfect harmony characterizes their music.

Back In Style, the first single, enthuses with a captivating throbbing horn riff, on which all three unfold their own ideas in sax solos. With Disco Here the trio conjures a flash back to the disco time. A little Saturday Night Fever. Shine On is a good example for the band's recipe of success. Great harmonies and arrangements, the individual color of their instruments and the full-bodied sound in combination with a captivating melody. What do you want more?

It's also important to reach the heart of listener with emotional touch as one can listen on  Like Old Times. Statistically, most buyers of this genre are older, so that the roll call on former times bears fruit. In To You shines again with perfect horn arrangement based on a funky guitar rhythm.

Power Of 3 attacks the funkiness again, but uses in the core harmonious sound to captivate the listener. When Morning Comes relies on the same principle. The movie score approach at the beginning should be continued. What The Time? goes boldly to the funk. Precise sax blows, vintage organ, the whole funkiness. Final song is a cover Rick Ashley's hit Never Gonna Give You Up. Slightly faster than the original the group presents the whole package for the last time.

The Sax Pack has released with Power Of 3 a new proof of evidence for sax virtuosity, perfect interplay and much energy. For friends of the sax a must.





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Album information

1. Sooner Or Later 
2. Back In Style
3. Disco Here
4. Shine On
5. Like Old Times
6. In To You 
7. Power Of 3 
8. When Morning Comes 
9. Whats The Time?
10. Never Gonna Give You Up