Mauri Sanchis - Less Is More



Friends of Hammond B3 should be aware of a new name: Mauri Sanchis. Mauri, a self-taught organist, is living in Alcoy, a small town between Alicante and Valencia in the East Coast of Spain. He soon found contact to leading artists as Gary Hamilton ("You ain't got to be black to play the Blues"), Graham Foster ("To say Mauri Sanchis is as to say soul and feeling") or the legendary Lonnie Smith ("Mauri Sanchis has a gift, something that can never be taught or learned, his music comes from his Soul. His destiny is joined to music, not for himself, but for the joy of the rest of the people."). 

In 2003 Mauri Sanchis has released his debut album "Less Is More". The CD is produced by Ximo Tébar, the most important Spanish Jazz Guitarist and it features some of the greatest Spanish Blues & Jazz musicians such as Javier Vargas, Graham Foster or Pedro Ruy Blas. Mauri's album is smooth jazz at its best. The problem: smooth jazz is rather unknown in Spain. So some of the Spanish critics consider his music as acid jazz, pop jazz, fusion and what else. One thing is certain: Mauri Sanchis has a high potential and after listening to his album I can affirm, that he is one of the greatest smooth jazz musicians.

Thursday is featuring the outstanding scat-singer Pedro Ruy Blas, the Spanish Al Jarreau. Pedro is an actor, singer, composer, and drummer. The tune is well-arranged, it has structure and development. An increasing tension is hooking the listener.

Less Is More, a funky track, has roots in the 70's and sounds similar to James Taylor's organ retro music. Mauri plays besides the leading melody a second overhead melody, which gives the tune a pushing groove.

Antonia Mesa's flute is the highlight on The Ticket Collector. Graham Foster's guitar sets further peaks.

Pure rhythm is Ice Cold. Ester Andujar is singing that "Zappab-Bah-Ya-Dui". It's a real pleasure to listen to Mauri pulling all orgs of his Hammond.

Mauri is going into a slamming rock with Pocket Groove. A real track for head boppers.

Bass and rhythm are the frames on the midtempo Slap-The-Blues. Jesus Gabaldon plays the slap bass. He is one of the most known bassists of Spain.

One of my favorites is Dream. Juan Mungia's trumpet and Mauri's Hammond B3 are celestial. 

Lonnie's Tune is dedicated to Dr. Lonnie Smith, Mauri's mentor. A fresh rhythm emphatic tune with a hooking power. 

Bill Wither's greatest hit Ain't No Sunshine is revived by Mauri as final track. Mauri reveals his rough voice. A professional cover version in modern format.

Especially for friends of the Hammond B3 Mauri offers a broad variety of best performed tunes. This album is highly recommendable.