Guitarist Lawson Rollins has already captivated audiences and critics alike with a multitude of albums. Infinita (2008), Espirito (2010), Elevation (2011), Full Circle (2013), Traveler (2015), Infinite Chills (The Remix Sessions) (2015), 3 Minutes to Midnight (2017), Airwaves: The Greatest Hits (2018), Dark Matter: Music For Film (2019) are to be mentioned. 

Meanwhile he is ranked as one of the 50 Transcendent Acoustic Guitarists of all time by Guitar Player Magazine. His newest album True North is scheduled for release January 17, 2020 on Infinita Records. Lawson performs on the new album acoustic, electric and nylon string guitars, drum programming, keyboards. He is joined by Dave Bryant (drums, percussion), Mads Tolling (violin, viola), Dan Feiszli (acoustic and electric bass) and Stephen Duros (electric guitar on With The Wind, addition keyboards). Lawson Rollins has composed all songs.

True North shows the right direction in which Lawson Rollins travels. Lawson intelligently combines different finger style techniques and guitars to an impulsive guitar playing. With The Wind combines Spanish acoustic guitar school with strong rock elements to a tour de force.

Perpetual Motion is a hypothetical machine that can do work indefinitely without an energy source. A seemingly unattainable dream of humanity that requires musical appreciation. Bluewave Bossanova includes two guitar lines that interweave into each other like the two serpents on the caduceus.

South Beach is not the typical West Coast jam, it might as well be located in Andalusia. Full Sail is the aptly title for Lawson's multifaceted guitar performance. Dead Ahead is divided into two phases, which are in constant change, the resting phase and the explosion. Especially during the second phase the listener experiences a culmination into an apocalyptic finishing harmony.

Yearning to Know is an escape from the gate of guitar music, because surprisingly the piece starts with a violin and viola solo by the artist Mads Tolling. But soon Lawson intervenes to give his guitar a voice in acoustic and electric variation. Year Abroad  enthralls with a harmonious guitar duet, which brings out the sonorous sound of the guitar to the fullest. Nostalgia draws on the rhythm and harmonies of the tried and tested.

In the Shadows slows down the tempo and the sound ebbs in the reverb. Welcome to Lawson's very own reverie. A stylistic element also known from the legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix. The Winding Road offers as a final piece the whole range of Lawson's skills.

With True North, Lawson Rollins does not deviate from his previous musical path. If you can't get enough of prolific guitar music, this album is for you.







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Album Information

Title: True North
Artist: Lawson Rollins
Year: 2020
Genre: Latin Jazz
Label: Infinita Records


1 True North 4:31
2 With the Wind 4:44
3 Perpetual Motion 3:28
4 Bluewave Bossanova 4:24
5 South Beach 3:58
6 Full Sail 3:43
7 Dead Ahead 3:58
8 Yearning to Know 4:57
9 Year Abroad 4:23
10 Nostalgia 3:16
11 In the Shadows 3:50
12 The Winding Road 4:31