San Francisco-based Lawson Rollins fell in love with classical Spanish guitar as a teenager and became addicted to this instrument from this time. His specialty is Latin guitar fusion. Together with Daniel Young he founded the duo Young & Rollins. They incorporate salsa, samba, Latin jazz, Bossa Nova, blues, classical and flamenco to an unique amalgam.

Lawson comments his new album: "I had a vision of what I wanted from the beginning, but over time, and through the contributions from my guest artists, the project took on a life of its own,” explained Rollins. “There is a profound cross-cultural connection in the ancestry of the modern Spanish guitar to earlier instruments like the Arabic oud, the Persian tar and even the Indian sitar. Bringing these styles together is like returning to the roots of the guitar.” With multi-instrumentalists Shain Shahida (Shahin & Sepher) and Dominic Camardella, percussion legend Moreira, Afghan vocalist Humayun Khan, Azerbaijani kamanche master Imamyar Hassanov and Pejman Hadidi on tombak,  violinist Charlie Bisharat, bassist Randy Tico, trumpeter Jeff Elliot and drummer-percussionist Dave Bryant in addition to a string orchestra in Prague Lawson Rollins found a great accompany by worldwide musicians.

The album starts with Cafe Jobim featuring Brazilian chanteuse Flora Purim. Flora is best-known by her work in the jazz fusion style performing with Chick Corea (Return to Forever), Stanley Clarke, Dizzy Gillespie, Gil Evans, Stan Getz, the Grateful Dead, Santana, Jaco Pastorius, and her husband Airto Moreira. George Duke: "Flora is one of those rare talents that truly understand how to phrase lyrics and melody. She can swing - and she can sing!"

Echoes Of Madrid is influenced by the Andalusian Flamenco style. A melting of Lawson's guitar and Charlie Bisharat's violin to a higher instrumental essence. Grammy awarded Bisharat has already performed with the who-is-who of the music business like Tears For Fears, The Rolling Stones, Barry Manilow, John Tesh and a lot more. In Motion is a tune of ultimate softness. Lawson treats his guitar with mastership. Dave Bryant's percussion-adds get to the heart of the melody.

On The Awakening Humayun Khan is featuring his instrument, the kamanche. The kamanche is a Persian bowed spike fiddle related to the violin. This instrument gives the tune its oriental flair. Infinita is the a warm Bossa Nova with typical Brazilian charisma incorporated in Flora Purims' vocals and Lawson's brilliant guitar performance. Southwind is a good example for Lawson broad scale of different expressions. From classic Spanish style to Western style and sometimes a little bit banjo.

But foremost Lawson is the master of the Spanish guitar which he impressing proves on Through The Night. Ceremony reveals more about the character of the kamanche delicately accompanied by Lawson's acoustic guitar. Raga is the Indian description of mood referring to melodic modes used in Indian classical music. New World Raga is Lawson's personal contribution and the substrate of his Indian experience.

Streets Of San Miguel is the musical mirror of a lively town in Mexico, a vibrant community with a family-oriented culture. Final tune is For JoAnn, a declaration of love to Lawson's wife. Lawson shows that heartfelt melody and virtuosity are no differences.

Lawson's album Infinita is a must for serious lovers of the acoustic guitar.




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  • Album information:

    Title: Infinita
    Artist: Lawson Rollins
    Year: 2008
    Length: 0:57:48
    Genre: General World
    Label: Infinita Records

    01 Cafe Jobim (Featuring Flora Purim) [4:39]
    02 Echoes Of Madrid [4:50]
    03 In Motion [6:08]
    04 The Awakening [4:28]
    05 Infinita (Featuring Flora Purim) [7:00]
    06 Southwind [4:21]
    07 Through The Night [5:27]
    08 Ceremony [4:52]
    09 New World Raga [5:13]
    10 Streets Of San Miguel [6:11]
    11 For JoAnn [4:41]