Producer, keyboard player, engineer, songwriter Hart Ramsey is not only a musician but also the Sr. Founder and Pastor of Northview Christian Church. Ramsey started his solo career as musician with the album Charge It To My Heart (N-Coded Music) in 2008. He returns this month with his sophomore project My Next Heartbeat, released on the same label.

Joining him once again are the musicians Eric Essix (guitar), Kelley O'Neal (sax, keyboards), Rick Watford (guitar) and foremost Sean Michael Ray (bass), who co-produced this album with Ramsey. Hart Ramsey wrote all songs, in parts with Robert Moe and Sean Michael Ray.

Ramsey comments: “From my early years of playing keyboards in R&B bands through my years of producing gospel artists, I've always loved the sound and feel of Contemporary Jazz." Like on his previous album he offers a vivid combination of smooth jazz and R&B.

The album opens with Two Roads, a musical parable about the freedom and risks of choice. A splendid Kelly O'Neal takes us on a rollercoaster ride of tones. Written In Red means something that sticks out and demands your attention. Hart Ramsey's elegant keyboard performance certainly attracts your full awe-inspiring awareness.

The Commitment features singer Robert Moe. In this heartfelt ballade he declares:" I'll never leave you. I'll never go away. Through everything. I'll always stay." Who wouldn't trust this musically wrapped message. Luther Vandross is coming into mind.

See Into Me is Hart's devotional contribution and worship. With ease he opens his heart and reveals his confession. Look You In The Face showcases more of Hart's superb piano grace. Don't waste precious life on things that make no difference or that will fade away with time. Invest your next heartbeat in what will outlive this present life. Following Hart's advice My Next Heartbeat give you a musical prove for the highly estimated value.

Whenever you think about yourself and that what you have reached, In Spite Of Myself helps you in your thoughts. Until The End Of Time is more a joyful relaxation than a thoughtful reflection about what will come after your life. Merry Heart (Like Medicine) is Hart's pleasing receipt to strengthen your heart. He grins: "Learn to laugh often. Laughing makes the heart dance & play. You're never as inviting or attractive as when you let your guards down & just laugh."

Cover Me presents singer Daniel Johnson, a highly sought after vocalist, writer, producer, arranger and music director. This gospel-influenced ballade can be interpreted as love theme or religious message: "Cover me in the rain when there's no way through the storm."

On the funky Start Now! Hart showcases his fantastic talent as keyboardist. His fellow musicians don't hide their chops too. The Better Part is always that what we are intending to, may be moments of time, in a relationship or just at the point of life, where we have to make our decision. The album ends with Hart Ramsey's final advice Don't Be Afraid To Try Again. Robert Moe perfectly incorporates the message in words and Hart and Rick give wonderful instrumental echoes.

My Next Heartbeat is far more than musical entertainment. This album is a fountain of wisdom not to be neglected.







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Album Information

Title: My Next Heartbeat
Artist: Hart Ramsey
Year: 2011
Length: 1:11:09
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: N-Coded Music


01 Two Roads [5:26]
02 Written In Red [5:14]
03 The Commitment [6:29]
04 See Into Me [6:15]
05 Look You In The Face [5:46]
06 My Next Heartbeat[6:06]
07 In Spite Of Myself  [6:01]
08 Until The End Of Time [4:57]
09 Merry Heart (Like Medicine) [4:58]
10 Cover Me [5:10]
11 Start Now! [4:19]
12 The Better Part [5:04]
13 Don't Be Afraid To Try Again [5:25]