The legends are back. Three young musicians from Philadelphia founded Pieces Of A Dream in 1976. Keyboardist James Lloyd, drummer Curtis Harmon and former bassist Cedric A. Napoleon were the founder of the group. Later Napoleon left the group. Since more than 25 years are James Lloyd and Curtis Harmon the backbone of smooth jazz. The late Grover Washington jr. discovered and supported the group and produced their first three albums "Pieces Of A Dream", "Imagine This" and "We Are One". Since 2001 Pieces Of A Dream are releasing their albums at the Heads Up International record label ("Acquainted with the Night", "Love Silhouette", "No Assembly Required").

"This is another great chapter in a great story," says Lloyd. "It's a privilege to still be doing it after so many years. Making your way in the music business can be a perilous undertaking, especially these days, but the fact that Pieces has been together as long as it has says something about who we are - as musicians and as people - and the kind of music that we make." After passing these great words let's have a quick glimpse at their new masterpiece.

Starter is the dynamic tune "
House Arrest" featuring Eddie Baccus jr. on saxophone. Co-authored by Harmon and Bennie Simms, the track is Harmon's way of keep the longstanding Pieces groove alive for a new generation of listeners. "That's an instrumental song with more of a house beat," says Harmon. "Part of what wanted to accomplish with the songs that I contributed was to bring a fresh new sound to Pieces. I wanted to make some danceable instrumental music." Listening to the stomping beat and Eddie's pushing blows the desire to dance arises quickly.

Forward Emotion is presenting Tony Watson jr. on saxophone. The major solo instrument in smooth jazz is the saxophone and this album makes no difference to this principle. The tune was co-written by Najee. So we are in the heart of smooth jazz and when you know the sound of Euge Groove, Marion Meadows, Kirk Whalum or Dave Koz that's exactly the music.

More personally is Triflin'. Female singer of this seductive melody is Ramona Dunlap. Dunlap’s rich vocal presence has been a part of the Pieces stage show in the past, and she was first introduced to worldwide audiences on the Pieces of a Dream "Acquainted With The Night" album. “Ramona is very professional, very much to the point with her craft” says Harmon. “It took no more than one ore two takes to get what we needed from her. She was very clear about what she was doing.” The audience of Atlanta, New York and other cities were already mesmerized by her enchanting show.

On the mellow
Sincere Scotti Mann is humming along Greg Riley's saxophone line. Backed by strings, guitar riffs and keyboard sounds the melody is attractive and well arranged.

Christopher Cross (aka Geppert) is the icon of contemporary pop. His mega-hit "Sailing" is unforgettable. James Lloyd 's new arrangement reveals the beauty of the melody in all its facets.

James Lloyd is a brilliant piano player. On Wake Up Call he touchs the keys tigerishly. A real show-piece.

If you should search a hearttouching melody listen to Teresa. Such seductive melodies are James' trademark.

Those Three Words is the second song featuring Ramona Dunlap. R&B influenced by jazz.

In That Mood is a slow tune initiated by Tony Watson jr.'s idea of music interpretation.

More tempo and motion is to find in the following Attitude. A tune written by James Lloyd with some impressive piano lines.

Washingtonian Cherie "Sweet Cherie" Mitchell (Chic, Maysa Leak, Prince, Angela Bofill) is an excellent piano and keyboard player who already co-laborated with Pieces on their albums "Acquainted with the Night", "Ahead To The Past" and "Sensual Embrace". She also penned Your Love featuring female singer Ramona Dunlap. A romantic love ballade with a compelling potential.

On Pillow Talk James Lloyd tickles anew ivory and ebony with elegance and gratitude. "We're more than just bandmates," says Lloyd. "We're family. We've been through good times and bad, and that just makes the music deeper and better. This album is just another example of what happens when two brothers who've grown up on the same creative track get together and bring out the best in each other."

It's a blessing that James Lloyd and Curtis Harmon started their career as young teenagers. This fact, their musical  grandeur and fellowship is a guarantor for many albums of great artistry in their prosperous and splendid future.





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  • Title: Pillow Talk
    Artist: Pieces Of A Dream
    Year: 2006
    Length: 0:51:46
    Genre: General Jazz

    01 House Arrest [4:14]
    02 Forward Emotion [4:09]
    03 Triflin' [4:34]
    04 Sincere [4:28]
    05 Sailing [4:25]
    06 Wake Up Call [4:35]
    07 Teresa [4:00]
    08 Those 3 Words [4:24]
    09 In That Mood [3:53]
    10 Attitude [4:35]
    11 Your Love [4:12]
    12 Pillow Talk [4:17]