Kharkov, Ukraine born violinist Ilya Netkach's love is music. More likely love at second sight, because the decision to follow the call of music, matured only after he had studied in other subjects. His first project Page Not Found arrived in stores in 2015. During his period in Qatar and Bahrain he composed new songs, which he has released under the title I AM in October 2017.

Ilya performs violin, piano, and keyboards and is accompanied on his new project by Alina Kharchenko on piano (tracks 1, 2 and 4). Not the numerous attempts during the long period of creation of this album are of interest, but the result. On Burned Bridges Ilya performs the violin with burning fervor. Every chord contributes to the emotional character of the piece, whose soul finds itself on string and body with each vibrating tone. Alina Kharchenko leaves it at an indication of the melody frame without interfering Ilya's inspired play.

Fiasco is usually the most unsuitable title for a piece of music, unless you're talking about Stockhausen's 12-tone music. On the other hand, the violin virtuoso himself is in search of the overall-looking melody between structure and improvisation. Infamy may be influenced by Alan Parson's Project in terms of the configuration of the synth music, that serves as a base. The treat of the violin frees from the anarchic character by following chromatic structures.

On Wondering Ilya meets pianist Kharchenko again in an intimate dialogue, before the piece opens to a wider profile. The title Take No Prisoners! already indicates Ilya's impetus to find the ultimate breakthrough to an overwhelming musical experience. Maybe it's the electronic aspect of the violin, which let him stumble and dizzy in a rapture of archaic complexity and jazz fusion.

Ilya Netkach stands without any ifs and buts to his instrument and his music. I AM is that what makes him. Either one stands for his music or not. An intermediate it does not allow.







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Album Information

Title: I AM
Artist: Ilya Netkach
Year: 2017
Genre: Fusion Jazz
Label: Independent

1. Burned Bridges
2. Fiasco
3. Infamy
4. Wondering
5. Take No Prisoners!