Hailing from Sweden the group Neighbourhood is ready for take off. Members of the group are Kristian Persson (trombone & compositions), Jens Filipsson (saxophones & flute), Jonne Bentlöv (trumpet). Edvin Nahlin (keyboards), Aleks Brdarski (bass), and Sebastian Ågren (drums).

The band was founded by Kristian Persson in the autumn of 2008. He also composed all tracks of the debut album Maybe Tomorrow, which was recorded during the autumn of 2009 in Gävle and Stockholm and is now distributed by Stockholm Jazz Records.

Influenced by the music of the 70's the group presents a personal style beyond the contemporary music streams. The group underlines their Attitude with the introducing track. Listen to the great horn arrangement comparable with groups like Tower of Power or Chicago. Kristian's trombone has a signature sound and his solo is excellent. The Hammond B3 delivers additional groove and a fantastic retro feeling.

A string composition is introducing into Fly. The lead is taken over by the mighty brass guiding to Jens Filipson's excellent sax and Aleks Brdaski's groovin' bass solo. The music picks up speed with the sizzling Roll The Dice featuring Edvon Nahlin on Fender Rhodes and a splendid Kristian Persson with an extensive solo.

Husvalla Bygata showcases the reflective side of the band with an atmospheric composition created by trombone, trumpet and flute. A live performance of this track at jazz club Fasching, Stockholm, is to find on YouTube.

A further feast of horns is Blow My Mind presenting in prominent roles Jonne Bentlöv on trumpet, Jens Filipsson on sax and of course Kristian Persson on trombone. Generation Irony is an outrageously brilliant harmony of horns with Kristian in a good place. When you are searching Solitude, you should visit Sweden or just listen to Neighbourhood.

Final tune of the album is Maybe Tomorrow, showcased in two parts. With dynamic grooves and perfectly defined brass chords the band attracts the audience. The tracks are on average longer than 7 minutes, enough space for solos of all members.

A new generation of horn players, the group Neighborhood brings music shining in conception and execution. Maybe Tomorrow is worth a listen and certainly the good morning signal for more to come.






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Album Information

Title: Maybe Tomorrow
Artist: Neighbourhood
Year: 2010
Length: 0:60:54
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Stockholm Jazz Records


01 Attitude [6:33]
02 Fly [7:01]
03 Roll The Dice [7:26]
04 Husvalla Bygata [8:54]
05 Blow My Mind [7:37]
06 Generation Irony [7:39]
07 Solitude [7:24]
08 Maybe Tomorrow Part 1 [2:07]
09 Maybe Tomorrow Part 2 [6:14]