Japanese pianist and composer Rei Narita is one of the rare artists in Japan addicted to smooth jazz. He started to play the piano in the tender age of 15. He delivered the musical background for several NHK documentary programs, participated to compilations of King Records and further TV and movie productions.

His solo career began with the album The Color of Soundscape in 2011 and continues with his new album The Color of Soundscape II in 2015. His style is influenced by The Rippingtons, Brian Culbertson, Rachel Z and many more of the smooth jazz scene. As a self-made man he has programmed all instruments and tracks. All songs are composed, arranged, programmed, mixed and produced by Rei himself.

On the starting Run Through the Urban City Rei paints with fast and powerful keystrokes the dynamic picture of a modern town. Bass and drums are perfectly adapted to the magic piano performance. Tender Voices delivers a soft impression with the piano in the lead and keyboard as secondary melody transporter.

On Waiting for Spring he draws a powerful mood bow under skilful use of his instrumental equipment. The fast paced Seashore swanks with groovy rhythms and engaging melody. With A Stray Kitten he sets a peaceful counterpoint on electric piano. On Take Off At Dawn Rei surprises with a jazzy approach on the path of straight swing.

Rei entitles the next track as Cataclysmic Variable.  Stars of the category cataclysmic variable in their outburst phase are bright and not to be overseen. Rei processes this phenomenon with its own soundscapes. Expand My World aptly describes his brilliant piano performance embedded in a superb sound arrangement of drums and synth bass. On Listening the River Flow Rei develops his tuneful flight of thoughts in a solo piano piece,  representing musically a kaleidoscopic view of a changing landscape. The final Walk On The Star approaches the New Age genre, while the reference to  smooth jazz isn't lost.

Rei Narita presents with The Color of Soundscape II an immaculate diamond. Finely sanded, polished, sparkling in absolute perfection.






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Album information

Title: The Color of Soundscape II
Artist: Rei Narita
Year: 2015
Length: 0:55:36
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Studio Luna Azul


01 Run Through the Urban City [6:07]
02 Tender Voices  [5:16]
03 Waiting for Spring [4:34]
04 Seashore [4:31]
05 A Stray Kitten [6:50]
06 Take Off At Dawn  [4:34]
07 Cataclysmic Variable  [4:54]
08 Expand My World  [5:32]
09 Listening the River Flow [7:50]
10 Walk On the Star  [5:28]