Bass player, producer, dreamer Joseph Patrick Moore has performed with: Stewart Copeland (The Police), Earl Klugh, Bob James, Buddy Miles, Celtic Women and many more. He formed in 2003 the Blue Canoe Label and Blue Canoe Digital.

He started his solo career with the album Never Never Land, followed by Soul Cloud (2000),   Alone Together (2002), Drum n Bass Society (2004), Live in 05 (2005), the compilation Decade I (2006), Pause (2007), To Africa With Love (2010), the EP XYZ Factor (2011) and his second compilation Decade II (2016).

His new album encompasses the period from 2006 to 2016 with remastered compositions. Date of release is June 24th, 2016 as download only. Beside bassist JPM are performing on these tracks Yonrico Scott, Wayne Viar (drums, percussion), Tyrone Jackson, Nick Rosen, Buzz Amato, John Carrozza (keys), Brian Carl, Chris Blackwell, Dan Baraszu (guitar), Charlie Wood, Seth Condrey, Chinua Hawk, Chantae Cann, Jarrett Johnson, Abbes Bouzefrane (vocals) and DJ KiddStar, Rick Hinkle, Rat Bastardz (DJ).

The genres of this collection are ranging from jazz, to rock, electronica and pop. Not in a seamless blend but loosely juxtaposed. The compilation begins with Ubuntu from his album To Africa With Love.  The Africa inspired tune ignites a firework of bass and tones, while the positive mood transcends the melody.

Joseph's affection for Yonrico Scott's music echoes in the song Quest from the album Quest Of The Big Drum (2014).  To Africa With Love Remix features singer Seth Condrey in a slack and easy song. Adventures Of Tigger And Alice shares with the listeners a haunting slow song which touches your heart with powerful toddle. Magnificent Obsession showcases a highlight of JPM's band The RockTronix. A rock tune influenced by the music of Police.

With hipness and a big hoo-ha comes Fire On The Bayou/1984 Medley featuring singer Charlie Wood. Xanadu powers into your brain with a punchy beat in the style of Frankie Goes To Hollywood. When you know the music of Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller or Victor Wooten, then Bass Song is the right choice for you. The Calling is another song of the formation The RockTronix featuring guitarist Chris Blackwell, bassist JPM and drummer Wayne Viar.

Careless Whisper will occupy a leading position in the competition for the best cover song. Interpret is Chinua Hawk and the song is taken from his impressive album A Beautifully Complicated Life (2012). Joseph comments:  "As producer, arranger, recording engineer, player on this recording, Chinua and I not only worked closely on this project, we formed a special musical bond and friendship. Chinua is a very gifted vocalist, storyteller and gentle soul with a passion of touching and healing others through music."

Stained Glass Aura is a keeper from the album To Africa With Love. Tyrone Jackson shines with a stunning solo on keys. The sound of electronic sitar is fascinating JPM. The result is Take Me To Tibet, an experimental sound experience with melodic draft. Yield from Joseph Patrick Moore's XYZ Factor is a cutting edge dynamic song with a great hook. What Could Have Been drifts off to the experimental realm of Peter Gabriel's early years. Final tune is Silent Night, the most performed classical Christmas song of all times. JPM and guitarist Dan Baraszu liberate the melody of all unnecessary accessories and uncover the magic of the song.

With Decade II Joseph Patrick Moore spreads a gamut of colors and genres of his all-encompassing artistry. A master of bass at work.





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Album Information

Title: Decade II
Artist: Joseph Patrick Moore
Year: 2016

Length: 62:36
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Blue Canoe Records

1. Ubuntu
2. Quest (feat. Yonrico Scott & Nick Rosen)
3. To Africa With Love Remix (feat. S. Condrey & Rat Bastardz)
4. Adventures Of Tigger And Alice
5. Magnificent Obsession (feat. The RockTronix)
6. Fire On The Bayou/1984 Medley (feat. Charlie Wood)
7. Xanadu
8. Bass Song
9. The Calling (feat. The RockTronix)
10. Careless Whisper (feat. Chinua Hawk & Chantae Cann)
11. Stained Glass Aura
12. Take Me To Tibet
13. Yield
14. What Could Have Been (feat. Abbes Bouzefrane)
15. Silent Night (feat. Dan Baraszu)