Lovers of the music of Paul Hardcastle's The Jazzmasters and Kim Waters' Streetwize series will be captured by the magic of Kool&Klean. Creator of these popular series is saxophonist Konstantin Klashtorni, who lives since several years in Germany, where his activity rises to unimagined heights.

Among the plethora of his serial productions Kool&Klean is the one with the most frequent following albums. The preoccupation of music enthusiasts is already assuming biblical proportions. Volume VII was just released in September 2017. Almost taken for granted now:  Konstantin has written, performed and produced all tracks.

The album starts with Beyond The Horizon, in which all the elements that made Klashtorni's music great have been genuinely reunited. A wonderful flow, excellent music instrumentation, and all ingredients necessary for the ultimate attraction.

A Water's Cascade
atomized into thousands of drops and still remains a crystal form of beauty. Perfection note by note united to the sole purpose, musical stuff for your dreams. Jazz Sunset extends these ambiences without interruption. Geniality in a stunning density.

Echoes Of You gives romance a new musical face. Around the leading acoustic guitar are wavering synth sounds like silky-soft fabric. Groove Boulevard comes with an uplifting urban beat pointing the way and trendsetting in reverberation. Satin Evening gives opportunity to cite again the influence of Paul Hardcastle on Konstantin's work.

On I Said, You Said he starts a conversation between the chosen instruments in which he relays a musical topic like a stage diving. Guessing Game is a game in which much of the playing consists of guessing or a situation involving uncertainty over another's actions or the outcome of something. Evolution is for example the guessing game of life. The tune however is a well-thought-out arrangement.

Dimensions, which go far beyond our understanding, emit their vibrations captured by Konstantin in this theme. Milky Way is the spiral galaxy containing our solar system. With the naked eye it is observed as a faint luminous band stretching across the heavens. More tangible is the song Konstantin serves us. We encounter extensive and spacious sounds on Just Around The Corner. On Walking The Pier he weaves together the woof of space with the warp of narrative, creating the carpet of sparkling dreams.

The artificial combination Kool&Klean shares the first two letters with Konstantin Klashtorni, the busy musician behind this project. Never one to rest on his laurels, his new project Volume VII is the next sonic internalization of crafting dreamy melodies.







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Album Information

Title: Volume VII
Artist: Kool&Klean
Year: 2017
Length: 56:46
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Kvk Music

01 Beyond The Horizon [4:57]
02 A Water's Cascade [5:11]
03 Jazz Sunset [4:40]
04 Echoes Of You [3:57]
05 Groove Boulevard [4:50]
06 Satin Evening [4:28]
07 I Said, You Said [4:58]
08 Guessing Game [4:16]
09 Dimensions [5:04]
10 Milky Way [4:58]
11 Just Around The Corner [4:46]
12 Walking The Pier [4:41]