A native of Huntington, Indiana, Denny currently calls Nashville his home. He works as session musician, composer, producer and arranger in the Nashville area. He already performed with Yolanda Adams, Herbie Hancock, Kirk Whalum, Chester Thompson, Chris Kent, Take 6, Phillip Bailey and a lot more. Moving Pictures (1995), Inner Voices (1996), Jazzberry Pie (1998), Among Friends (1999) and Body 2 Body (2002) are his previous solo projects. Smooth jazz lovers worldwide were pleased by these albums which all remained on the Smoothjazz and the Jazzweek charts for several months.

After such a long hiatus the curious fan finds out that his new album Dreams Like This (2008) was a work of five years. Denny comments: "I love all the albums that I created for my previous record label, 1201 Music, but I had begun to realize that my musical interests had a wider range than the format I writing for. My early influences stretched all the way from Wes Montgomery to Carlos Santana. That's quite a distance. I wanted to make an album that captured all those things that made me want to play music in the first place."

The opener Chill Pill is the right medicine to start your morning with an uplifting melody. Fun shines through every music note. Forward Motion offers signature guitar chords with a strong horn support. Highlight of this album is without any doubt Denny's sultry rendition of Sunny. The song features the writer of the original song Bobby Hebb contributing scat vocals. Denny comments: "I've love that song since first hearing it on the radio in 1966. A friend introduced me to Bobby, who agreed to come to my studio to listen to the version I'd recorded of his song. Not only did he give his overwhelming approval, he wanted to sing on the track! Nothing could've made an album about my musical dreams more complete."

The mid-tempo Embracing The Fire is an awesome trip into Latin fields. Certainly a tribute to Carlos Santana's music. Midnight At The Wall features Nashville, Tennessee born trumpet player Rod McGaha. His performance on mute trumpet is superb. The song is build on the smooth jazz shuffle rhythm, which is very popular these days. Mysteriosa takes the same line with great finesse. Friends of 3rd Force should have a listen to this song.

On Just The Thought Of You Denny reveals his quality as singer. Denny says: "I wanted to do something with a 'Sade' feel to it. A friend of mine wrote the lyrics and we collaborated on this tune. I used to sing all the time and for some reason I got away from it. I really enjoyed doing this and having opportunity to use my voice, the first instrument we are all given." With the emotional Wounded Warriors Denny pays tribute to all his friends and relatives which were wounded, physical or emotional.

The tune Roxanne was inspired by Denny's guitar called "Roxanne", which he imported from France. "It's a sexy, gorgeous instrument. I got the idea of doing the sensuous French dialogue as it is the guitar speaking to the player." On the cover photo of the CD Denny holds his Roxanne R2000PUH with both hands. The enhanced album also offers a video of this song.

In The Mind's Eye is a dream catching tune with flair. With Dreams Like This Denny fulfills his own dream, to create a movie theme: "I love scoring for film and working with different textures, rhythms and harmonic structures required for that medium of composition. Dreams Like This is in 7/4 time signature. Drummer Chester Thompson heard the demo of this song and loved it. He was very anxious to record it so what was I going to say? Absolutely! It Is again a part of my musical dream."

Tranquillo (Quiet) is a swinging jazz piece, a melodic excursion into jazzy spheres. World renowned jazz saxophonist Dan Moretti is featured on The Glass Half Full. Denny comments this peaceful tune: "It's my favorite cut on the CD. It is musically challenging and expressive to me. I love wine... red wine in particular and I remember when I was writing this tune I looked at my glass and it was half empty...or was it half full? How do you see it?"

Wes Montgomery is Denny's favorite player. So is East Of Montgomery his homage to this legendary guitarist, especially his early recordings with horn sections.

Dreams Like This is finest guitar music. The only flaw, it has lasted too long to release it.



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  • Album information:

    Title: Dreams Like This
    Artist: Denny Jiosa
    Year: 2008
    Length: 1:04:57
    Genre: General Jazz
    Label: Sonic Canvas Records

    01 Chillpill [4:11]
    02 Forward Motion [4:33]
    03 Sunny (Feat Bobby Hebb) [4:20]
    04 Embracing The Fire [4:31]
    05 Midnight At The Wall (Feat Rod McGaha) [4:43]
    06 Mysteriosa [4:33]
    07 Just The Thought Of You [4:29]
    08 Wounded Warriors [4:54]
    09 I Am Roxane [5:04]
    10 In The Mind's Eye [4:51]
    11 Dreams Like This [4:50]
    12 Tranquillo [4:33]
    13 The Glass Half Full (Feat Dan Moretti) [6:08]
    14 East Of Montgomery [3:18]