Philadelphia native Gail Jhonson is the heart of the all star female ensemble, Jazz in Pink, and produced their debut CD, 1st Collection in 2014. She started her solo career with the album Keep The Music Playing (2004), followed by Pearls (2008) on nuGroove Records, HerStory on 111 East Music (2011) and this year New Beginnings on Philly the Kid Records.

After the loss of her son, her daughter off to Berklee College of Music, an unexpected surgery the recordings of her new album were like a deeply liberating breath. Gail is supported by prolific musicians like multi­instrumentalist Hamilton Hardin, saxophonists  Marion Meadows and Mike Parlett, bassist Jimmy Haslip and many more

The album introduces into Gail's new creation with the title song. Tailored to win, this elegant tune is the ideal platform for Gail's keyboard talent extraordinaire. Uptown Philly is the first single of the album and Gail's tribute to her birth town. She touches our ears easily and fluffy with her divine style.

Soulful Strut is certainly the secret hymn of smooth jazz. Covered by a legion of musicians like George Benson (1977), Nick Colionne (1994), Grover Washington Jr. (1996), Paul Jackson Jr. (1996) or Rocco Ventrella (2006) the song hasn't lost its magic in Gail's hands. To Tamina is dedicated to Gail's lovely daughter Tamina, who is meanwhile 21 years old.

The mellow peaceful ballad Here We Go Again is really soothing to the soul. This catchy song showcases Gail's vocal talent. Gail's Groove is tagged as tribute to Lonnie Liston Smith, the legendary funk, soul and jazz musician. Gail discreetly incorporates jazz elements into her piano playing. Magical Mystery takes us on a journey into the land of dreams with gentle sounds of vocals, sax and piano. The funky Hands Up is a critical contribution to the current tense situation of police violence.

Bassist Jimmy Haslip is shining on Vibe with the well­intoned sound of his fretless bass. Most of the elders will know the song by the Beatles And I Love Her, written mainly by Paul McCartney. Falsetto singer Rob MacDonald and pianist Jhonson have filtered out of this simple song its substantial essence and rebuilt it to a meaningful love ballad full of emotions. Mr. Calloway is inspired by Cabell "Cab" Calloway III, the late American jazz singer and bandleader. Best known by his appearance and his song Minnie the Moocher in the movie Blues Brothers. Gail comments: “If Big Band music would be Pop music might sound like this! I like all the instruments and I see dancers swingin' away!!″ Now imagine Fred Astaire dancing to funk music and you can follow her idea!

With New Beginnings we experience Gail Jhonson 2.0. Composer and keyboardist in the best form of her life.





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Album Information

Title: New Beginnings
Artist: Gail Jhonson
Year: 2015
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Philly the Kid Records

1. New Beginnings 4:10
2. Uptown Philly 4:08
3. Soulful Strut 4:13
4. To Tamina 4:34
5. Here We Go Again 3:39
6. Gail's Groove (Tribute to Lonnie Liston Smith) 4:41
7. Magical Mystery 4:20 
8. Hands Up 4:46
9. Vibe 4:33
10. And I Love Her 4:19
11. Mr. Calloway 3:58

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