They are coming from Denmark, Jamhunters are Lars Fabiansen (guitar) and Peter Michael (keyboards). Smooth Jazz is their main style and they are professionals in serving the perfect groove. Their debut album Jamhunters (2006) was soon followed by their sophomore album Music Speaks Louder Than Words (2008). Now they are back with their third project, Driftin' (2011). Currently only available as digital download, the group promised a soon release date for the physical CD.

The duo is joined on this album by Moussa Diallo (bass), Klaus Menzer (drums), Claus Suhr (percussion), Andre Sørensen (bass), Peter Hansen (percussion), Christina Boelskifte (vocals), Claus Seest (vocals), Nis Toxværd (trumpet), Hendrik Jørgensen (trumpet), Lene Strøyer (vocals), and Frank Senior (vocals). All songs were composed, produced and performed by Fabiansen and Michael.

The album starts with Under The Palm Tree, which was already released as single on May 15, 2011.With an impressive easy going melody this tune is highly infective, and the virus is good mood.

On another Sunny Day Lars Fabiansen shines on guitar accompanied by Peter Michael on well tempered keyboard. Savored with a spicy reggae rhythm you know, where you are. But Jamhunters don't just feel under obligation for light entertainment, Driftin' delivers melodious jazz at its best.

The slow paced Once In A Lifetime features splendid singer Christina Boelskifte. The young musician and composer debuted in 2008 with the album Ready For Love. She is an extremely popular songstress and soloist in Denmark, especially in Copenhagen. Enjoy your Cocktail with the relaxing music of Jamhunters. When the fall arrives, Foggy Tuesday is the right choice, a melody with melancholy.

The dynamic Gypsy Jam presents key master Peter Michael on accordion. A highlight for every radio station. Brandy & Jazz adds a swampy soul note to the album. Brilliant singer/producer/songwriter Claus Seest is with his recognizable soulful and crisp voice a constant factor in the Danish music scene.

The romantic acoustic guitar piece Winter Days captivates your senses from start to finish. Airborne circles around a theme, waves through cadences and finally thickens to a melody string. The airy guitar sound of Slow Woman gives you occasion to dream. More close to the earth is the organ driven Tah III. Excellent the piano solo to the end of the piece.

What I'm Talkin' About is the approved sound for relaxing moments. The final song Makin' A Change opens surprisingly a window to the Christmas time featuring vocal duo Christina Boelskifte & Frank Senior.

Jamhunters offers European influenced contemporary music. A fresh alternative for the smooth jazz world.





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Album Information

Title: Driftin'
Artist: Jamhunters
Year: 2011
Length: 0:60:12
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Gateway Music


01 Under The Palm Tree [3:45]
02 Another Sunny Day [3:34]
03 Driftin' [4:10]
04 Once In A Lifetime [4:47]
05 Cocktail [3:38]
06 Foggy Tuesday [4:33]
07 Gypsy Jam [4:11]
08 Brandy & Jazz [4:09]
09 Winter Days [4:49]
10 Airborne [5:06]
11 Slow Woman [4:10]
12 Tah III [4:52]
13 What I'm Talkin' About [4:23]
14 Makin' A Change [4:05]

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