Washington, D.C., born Jaared is a master of all saxes. Alto sax, soprano sax, EWI, or tenor sax, give him something to blow and you will listen the finest notes. Meanwhile Jaared is a in-demand stage-hero and especially his concerts with Peter White foster his immense popularity.

That gave him the opportunity to build up his solo career, which started with his debut album Foreward (2001), followed by Hangtime (2002), both on Marcus Johnson's label Lightyear/Marimelj. Addiction (2003) and this year Manhattan Nights (2010) are released on Les Cutmore's Trippin n Rhythm Records.

Grammy award winning producer Michael Broening produced the album and also performed keyboards and programming. Jaared comments: "It was a blast and amazing working with Michael. His approach, his vision, everything is so on point. He is truly the best producer I've ever had the opportunity to work with and I look forward to many more albums together with him in the future."

Further musicians on Jaared's album are Mel Brown (bass), Freddie Fox (guitar), Thano Sahnas (guitar), Michael White (drums), Jay Soto (guitar), Greg Adams (trumpet), Tim Bowman (guitar), and many more.

Jaared draws on unlimited resources with the starting If You Know What I Mean. Gregg Adams,  Bill Churchville (trumpet, trombone), and Nick Lane (trombone) team up to a splendid horn arrangement. The best backbone for Jaared first brilliant performance on alto and tenor sax.

On That's What She Said Jaared presents soprano and alto sax paired to an ultimate mixture. On the romantic ballade Always Together acoustic guitarist Thano Sahnas adds mellow licks to Jaared's overdub sax staging. The passionate Dancing With You invites to dance with Jaared's tenor sax sound.

Love You All Night Long is your song for the late hours. The time for dreaming initiated by an infectious song. One More Time is a blast. Captivating hooks by Jaared and Freddie Fox. Overdub is today's solution. Personally I prefer horn arrangement in Greg Adam's style like on Coolsville.

No Nachos For Puppies heats the audience with Spanish flavor. Floating On A Breeze and Dreaming Of You are further tunes featuring Jaared's soprano saxophone. He plays a Cannonball Big Bell Global Series model soprano saxophone with a Runyon Custom Spoiler Series #5 and #6 mouthpiece. Jaared is really focused on that instrument, which is an octave above the commonly used tenor saxophone.

Fortunately he changes to a combination of alto and tenor sax on the next song D'Groovealicious. Based on a bouncy beat Jaared takes the lead again, while Michael Broening pleases with an awesome piano injection. Manhattan Nights is somehow a culmination and nucleus of the complete album. Dynamic groove, fine horn arrangement and classic guitars surpassed by Jaared's superior tenor sax. This is smooth jazz supreme.

It was 2005 at the Pizza Express in London, where Jaared showcased his vocal talent first time. Peter White heard Jaared's vocally mimic of his sax during a practice session and asked him to sing in the band. It was Michael Broening's idea, that Jaared should sing a song of the BeeGees on his album. How Deep Is Your Love is so well-done with lead vocals and chorus, that many fans ask Jaared, why he doesn't start a vocal career. His answer: "I donít really consider myself as a vocalist. I am a saxophonist first and foremost!Ē

The romantic ballade Song For Dianne is Jaared's final encore. A tribute to a longtime friend, who tragically passed away.

Manhattan Nights
offers more than one hour smooth jazz of the finest art. At the latest after listening to Jaared's album you know, why he is a top act in this genre since several years.






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Album Information

Title: Manhattan Nights
Artist: Jaared
Year: 2010
Length: 1:03:43
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Trippin & Rhythm

01 If You Know What I Mean [4:29]
02 That's What She Said [4:05]
03 Always Together [4:40]
04 Dancing With You [4:05]
05 Love You All Night Long [5:05]
06 One More Time [3:53]
07 Coolsville [4:30]
08 No Nachos For Puppies [4:25]
09 Floating On A Breeze [4:00]
10 Dreaming Of You [4:21]
11 D'Groovealicious [4:15]
12 Manhattan Nights [5:31]
13 How Deep Is Your Love [4:12]
14 Song For Dianne [6:14]