British band Incognito is widely known as the leading exponent of the acid jazz movement. A look at their discography reveals that they have already released 13 albums and 11 compilations and remixes. Mastermind of the group is composer, record producer, guitarist and singer, Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick. Incognito is an ever-changing collective of musicians handpicked by Bluey. His bubbling exuberant creativity also gave expression in side projects like Citrus Sun and Inner Shade.

The new album is called Tales From The Beach and is set for worldwide release on Heads Up International for June 24, 2008. In Europe and Japan the album is on sale since April. The album was recorded in Italy, Germany, Indonesia and London and mixed in Jakarta. The origin of the album title is to find in Bluey's heritage:  When I was a kid, my first taste of music came from the beaches of Mauritius, he says. I spent a lot of time listening to the hotel bands, or the bands playing around the bonfires and cookouts. Its a small island, so there were beaches everywhere. I was always watching live musicians play. So for inspiration for this album, I went back to various beaches around the world in Italy, Indonesia and elsewhere and just let the music flow.

Step Aside is starter of the album featuring singer Joy Rose. Joy released an ep in 2006 titled Grace, which garnered critical acclaim from both sides of the Atlantic. The song is about an disillusioned love and the decision to step aside.

On I've Been Waiting shines diva Maysa Leak, the queen of soul. Maysa has seen and felt the ups and downs of life (she wrote it all down in her public diary). Who can better sing about longing for the ideal man than Maysa? She has the emotional power.

Experts of the music of EWF will certainly recognize similarities in the arrangement on When The Sun Comes Down. An awesome ballade interpreted by Tony Momrelle. He is an R&B and soul singer and songwriter, one of the most exciting and significant musicians on modern British stage. Since more than 6 years is he the lead singer of Incognito.

Love, Joy, Understanding is Imaani's philosophy for a better living together. Build on a stomping beat Incognito perform a well-known great horn and choir arrangement. I Come Alive (Rimshots And Basses) is definitely a jazz influenced swinging song featuring Joy Rose in great action.

The uplifting Happy People conjures a better life. Singer Tony Momrelle interprets this maxim. A syncopated rhythm with finest horn arrangement and a topping flute. N.O.T. is composed by Bluey and Matt Cooper. Singer Imaani declares their decision of freedom. Matt and Ski Oakenfull add some flabbergasting keyboards effects. Excellent Paul Greenwood on flute.

For dance freaks is Freedom To Love a must. Reach the dance floor! A fantastic rhythm and a thrilling song, that is the ultimate potential for a chart buster.  On I Remember A Time Maysa reappears for a heartbreaking song. Matt Cooper, who had recently weathered a heart-wrenching breakup with his girlfriend wrote the song with Blues. Bluey recalls:" I was writing songs with him while all this was going on, and he kind of confided in me. Hed written a piece of music a skeleton of what the song would eventually become and I came up with some lyrics. He took one look at the lyrics and he disappeared for a while. I later found him out in the garden crying. To me, this is what writing music is all about. Whether you like this song or not, I know we have achieved something great with this piece of music.

It May Rain Sometime
presents Joy Rose in a lovely ballade full of melancholy and hope. Never Look Back stands in the sign of contemporary jazz. Awesome horn arrangements, Trevor Mires' unsurpassed trombone, Matt Cooper's piano solo, Paul Greenwood's sax and Maysa's sultry scat song, what can be nearer to musical paradise.

On the soulful tune When Words Are Just Words shines Maysa again. The song is about a relationship with an emotional roller coaster. "It would be absurd when I believe the promise would never die." Feel The Pressure is the right place to expand contemporary keyboards and sound effects.

Silence Of My Mind is another vocal highlight with a brilliant Imaani in lead and backing vocals. Terrific arrangement and interpretation. Tales From The Beach closes this formidable album. A short track propelled by Julian Crampton's bass and Bluey's syncopated guitar riffs.

Tales From The Beach offers all ingredients of a typical Incognito album: Sultry vocals, blissful horns and terrific arrangements. A gem of musical eternity.



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  • Album information:

    Title: Tales From The Beach
    Artist: Incognito
    Year: 2008
    Length: 1:14:01
    Genre: Acid Jazz
    Label: Heads Up International

    01 Step Aside [5:58]
    02 I've Been Waiting [4:29]
    03 When The Sun Comes Down [4:46]
    04 Love, Joy, Understanding [6:45]
    05 I Come Alive (Rimshots And Basses) [3:55]
    06 Happy People [4:16]
    07 N.O.T. [6:11]
    08 Freedom To Love [6:45]
    09 I Remember A Time [5:30]
    10 It May Rain Sometime [2:06]
    11 Never Look Back [6:45]
    12 When Words Are Just Words [6:13]
    13 Feel The Pressure [4:46]
    14 Silence Of My Mind [3:54]
    15 Tales From The Beach [1:43]