Hungarian-born pianist and keyboardist Peter Horvath performs with the who­is­who of jazz such as Victor Bailey, Lenny White, Arturo Sandoval, Randy Brecker, Marcus Miller, and many more. While he is a in demand recording musician on numerous albums his solo career has only seen two albums yet. His debut album Foreign Matter (1995) and his sophomore album Absolute Reality.

Peter has assembled for the recordings of his new album a great amount of luminaries Victor Bailey, Marc Van Wageningen and Larry Kimpel (bass), Ricky Lawson and Lenny White (drums), Dean Brown and Ray Orbiedo (guitar), Norbert Stachel (sax), Randy Brecker (trumpet) among many others.

Peter Horvath has composed all tracks, some in collaboration with Norbert Stachel. The album shows up with Absolute Reality. A funky horn arrangement in the style of Tower of Power or East Bay Soul is the launching platform for Peters' rocket like journey over the keys of his grand piano.

Carla comes smoothly like silk with Horvath's intimate Rhodes piano and Bob Mintzer on tenor saxophone. Escape From Oakland is without any doubt a tour de par force. All musicians perform with great speed without neglecting melody, arrangement and improvising.

On Nassau Nights Peter reveals his affinity for smooth jazz and the influence of Fourplay on his work. Elegant performance on Rhodes piano, a harmonic horn arrangement and Kenny Washington on vocals are clear pluses. Waltz For Ella fosters in the contemporary jazz realm, while Latin rhythm elements and Marc Van Wageningen on bass give this fast paced piece some pepper. The tune is dedicated to his daughter Ella Nicole Horvath.

When Victor Bailey on bass, Ricky Lawson on drums, Ray Obiedo on guitar meet Peter Horvath on Rhodes then Fake Out gets a big dose of funk. Norbert Stachel on various brass and flute delivers a fine garnish. Miss You walks the line between jazz and melody, a musical journey with a deep expression of sadness and missing, dedicated to his mom, Matrai Zsuzsa, a great Hungarian singer.

Sardegna is an ode to the Italian island. Elegant Rhodes improvisation and a brass arrangement in the style of EWF are the highlight of this tune.

Foreign Matter dives into the bebop roots and when Peter begins to improvise, it can get a fast and wild ride. Final tune is a solo piano piece entitled Braden's Song and dedicated to his son Braden Michael Horvath.

With Absolute Reality Peter Horvath has put his whole personality and passion into this work. An eclectic album of the deserving wider recognition category. 





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Album Information

Title: Absolute Reality
Artist: Peter Horvath
Year: 2016
Genre: Contemporary Jazz
Foreign Matter Records


01 Absolute Reality [5:13]
02 Carla [6:57]
03 Escape From Oakland [6:05]
04 Nassau Nights [5:17]
05 Waltz For Ella [5:00]
06 Fake Out [
07 Miss Youl [
08 Sardegna[5:17]
09 Foreign Matter [6:03]
10 Braden's Song  [5:40]