It's always refreshing to listen to European music with an own interpretation of instrumental sound. Although German born guitarist is specialized in Blues his stylistic interests also include funk, jazz, adult soul and R&B. With more than six solo albums since 20 years activity he has layered the foundations of his today's musical position. Gregor Hilden was influenced by musicians like B.B. King, Mike Bloomfield, T-Bone Walker, Peter Green or Freddie King. But he has found his own style as showcased with his new album Blue In Red (2008).

Gregor was joined by Horst Bergmeyer (organ and grand piano), Sascha Oeing (bass), Björn Puls (drums), Volker Winck (tenor sax), Christian Kappe (trumpet, flugelhorn), Thomas Hufschmidt (grand piano, additional keys) and as special guest Tom Principato (guitar).

What can be a better start for an instrumental album than Bobby Womack's Breezin'? This song was George Benson's outbreak to a pop superstar in 1976 and is still his signature song everyone identifies him with. Gregor performs the song with the outmost respect to the grandmaster and shares the solo part with trumpet player Christian Kappe.

Remember the great music of Dire Straits? When I listen first time to Gregor's Blue Clouds I could resist to think of the music of the legendary group. What an awesome melody. Pat Upton wrote 1969 his huge hit More Today Than Yesterday. The single, which Upton recorded as lead singer of the pop group Spiral Starecase, has well sold over a million copies to date. Gregor Hilden's rendition carefully catches the nucleus and spirit of this classic tune.

Daydream is a sentimental journey into the arcades of dream. Thomas Hufschmidt performs a terrific solo on Grand Piano. It's a special talent to create a melody, write it down on paper and perform it. OD-Special Blues is Gregor's Blues child. So special, so unique. The up-tempo Zak is a guitar piece par excellence. Another prove of Gregor's mastership.

Trading Time is a Blues tune in the old fashioned way. Something for snip your fingers with. Wilton Felder, member of the Jazz Crusaders, wrote the midtempo shuffle Way Back Home for the album Old Socks, New Shoes...New Socks, Old Shoes. This song was the Crusader's turn away from jazz to soul jazz and Gregor's rendition is a wonderful incarnation of the original.

Tenor saxophonist Eddie Harris, best known by the theme of the film Exodus, wrote the hit Listen There in the '60s. Gregor's cover explores the more bluesy side of this tune. The title tune Blue In Red has a strong jamming character underlined by Bergmeyer's propelling Hammond B3 sound. For the lovers of the smooth sound Gregor offers the final Shades Of Gold.

For those who are looking for the true spirit of guitar, Blue In Red is the answer.



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  • Album information:

    Title: Blue In Red
    Artist: Gregor Hilden
    Year: 2008
    Length: 0:54:13
    Genre: General Blues
    Label: Acoustic Music

    01 Breezin' [5:00]
    02 Blue Clouds [4:30]
    03 More Today Than Yesterday [7:21]
    04 Daydream [5:11]
    05 OD-Special Blues [5:19]
    06 Zak [4:47]
    07 Trading Time [3:52]
    08 Way Back Home [4:57]
    09 Listen Here [5:45]
    10 Blue In Red [3:03]
    11 Shades Of Gold [4:28]