Grupo X were formed in London in 1997 by trombonist and composer Jonny Enright. Their style is defined as Latin Soul Jazz developed in the sizzling brew at London’s Jazz Cafe. X-Posure (2001), Food For Your Latin Soul (2006), Grupo X Remixed (2008) and As Hills Go By (2011) are their first releases.

Current members of the group are Lisa Millett (vocals), Jonny Enright (trombone), Finn Peters (sax/flute), Sean Corby (trumpet/flugelhorn), Simon Edwards (bass), Al MacSween (piano), Olly Drew (guitar), Jim Le Messurier (drums/timbales), Pete Eckford (congas), Dave Pattman (bongos/percussion).

Their new album Songs from Our Latin Soul: The Best of Grupo X is a collection of their writing and recording from the start to present day. The album kicks off with Brand New Love, a song released in 2001 on the debut album X-Posure. Combine the best of Incognito and Brand New Heavies and you get the direction this album is going. In earlier time this sound was called acid jazz but with a Latin percussion approach in the style of Snowboy. With three members in the percussion corner the group has a dominant rhythm part, the horn section is also distinctive with excellent solo players.

Share It Out is taken from the album As Hills Go By (2011). Lisa Millett as singer in the lead is certainly the vocal flagship of the formation. However, those who have an affinity for rhythm, are well served by the group. Get Through To You was originally released on the album Food For Your Latin Soul (2006). On this album you can hear the (2015 mix) of this song. Lisa is supported by the whole group quoting the theme as chorus.

This Must Be The Place offers an organic pulse of percussion, vocals and horns with a very authentic Latin jazz tune which appeals deeply to the emotions, while its rhythms invite you to dance. Sunshine from Food For Your Latin Soul has that Osibisa flavor with cowbells and shakers and the vibrant brass. Waiting is a newcomer on the album with elements of salsa and cha-cha, a love ballade with a breathing tempo. Musicians swaying in joyous abandon.

X-Perience from the same titled album (2002) presents another stylistic variety of the group.  Multi-cultural elements of sonic language reminding of musicals like Hair. Won't You Stay? brings some tenderness into the game. A subtle ballad with Lisa Millett's silky vocals. Mi Tumbao conjures memories of my journey to Mexico and Brazil. Carlos Peña is the lead vocalist and this tune is as close to Latin perfection as possible.

Whatever You Dream (You Can Begin), released on Grupo X Remixed album (2008) features lead singer Julie Dexter. This song sounds like The Beaujoulais Band, no wonder, Roger Beaujoulais has engineered and mixed the tune. With the funky Fela Kuti-inspired Bossa Nova Reach Lisa Millett builds connection to African roots. The final tune Jonny's Bugalu from the album X-Posure opts for horn loaded Latin Jazz with Bossa Nova rhythm.

With The Best of Grupo X UK's finest music export celebrates their incredible multiplicity of styles with Latin rhythm as common denominator. Playing wide open this group doesn't perform music, they live it with tremendous energy, joy and passion. 





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Album Information

Title: Songs From Our Latin Soul: The Best Of Grupo X
Artist: Grupo X
Year: 2016
Length: 0:56:32
Genre: Latin Soul

01 Brand New Love [5:22]
02 Share It Out [3:32]
03 Get Through To You (2015 Mix) [5:01]
04 This Must Be The Place [4:34]
05 Sunshine [3:35]
06 Waiting [4:34]
07 X-Perience [6:38]
08 Won't You Stay? [4:14]
09 Mi Tumbao [5:02]
10 Whatever You Dream (You Can Begin) [5:27]
11 Reach [3:36]
12 Jonny's Bugalu [4:58]