Phoenix-based guitarist and composer Pete Gitlin already played in his teens and twenties  in rock, fusion, and funk bands. Wisely he decided to earn his money in the big business. But he has never forgotten his real love and in 2007 he returned to the music. Together with drummer and producer John Herrera from the legendary Phoenix band Turning Point he created his first album Full Circle and the Great Temptation in 2008.

A few years later he released his sophomore album Amplify. Featured musicians on this album are Cindy Bradley (flugelhorn and trumpet), Jeff Kashiwa (sax, flutes and EWI), Dominic Amato (sax, vocoder, EWI), Ted Belledin (sax), Michael Broening (keyboards), Mel Brown (bass), John Herrera (drums, percussion, programming) and some more. You can listen to his music every Thursday night at SE Corner of Dobson and Ray, Chandler, Arizona 85224.

The album starts with Lucky In Love, a nicely composed smooth jazz tune with a fine horn arrangement by Ted Belledin. Pete's warm guitar sound perfectly interprets the jazz theme. Friends of R&B will enjoy Soul Connection featuring singer Dony Adair and Dominic Amato, who steals the show on the Vocoder.

Amplify is dedicated to guitar and horn, tinged by Latin Jazz and blessed by vocalist Jodi Light. A little bit of Matt Bianco and a little bit of Manhattan Transfer. If You Say So is a little chilly caused by Cindy Bradley's muted flugelhorn sound. Horn and guitar provide a subtle mood.

Gitlin calls to his influences Pat Metheny and Miles Davis, Lee Ritenour and Larry Carlton. Straight Down The Fairway is certainly a summery of these idols. There is also a smell of Birdland in the air. Reggaetown stays on the borderline of Eric Clapton and Bob Marley. The smooth flowing song Across The Endless Ocean reflects the widths of the ocean.

With Cowboys And Indians Gitlin takes a trip to the region of Western. Stan Sorenson underlines the melody with his electric sitar. On Another Day In Paradise Gitlin reveals his heritage with his rockish style. Until The Morning Comes presents jazz vocalist Dennis Rowland. He was the voice of Count Basie and his orchestra. With his charming silky-smooth vocals he perfectly fits to Gitlin's guitar delivering a translucent jazzy end of the album.

Pete Gitlin's Amplify is certainly not a typical smooth jazz album. Given by Gitlin is certainly unconventional seeking his location outside of particular musical styles. That makes the idiosyncratic charm of his album.







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Album Information

Title: Amplify
Artist: Pete Gitlin
Year: 2012
Length: 0:46:18
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Independent


01 Lucky In Love [4:02]
02 Soul Connection [5:30]
03 Amplify [5:18]
04 If You Say So [5:16]
05 Straight Down The Fairway [4:49]
06 Reggaetown [4:33]
07 Across The Endless Ocean [4:16]
08 Cowboys And Indians [3:36]
09 Another Day In Paradise [5:10]
10 Until The Morning Comes [3:48]