Jazz pianist George Freeman is an in demand sideman for Gail Jhonson, Eric Darius, Karen Briggs, Marcus Johnson, Althea Rene, Marcus Anderson and many more. Currently he is touring with sax player Pamela Williams. While George is coming from Gospel roots, he also feels at home with R&B, neo-soul, jazz, fusion, funk, pop and certainly smooth jazz. With Make It Happen (2015) he has now built the foundation for his own solo career.

On his album George is joined by Kennedy Atkinson, Kay­Ta Matsuno, Keith Jenkins and Ethan Henson (guitar), Jeanette Harris and Leroy Harper (sax), Jermone Randall (bass), and Anthony Roberts (drums). With Timeless he has created a soulful intro to his solo project in the style known by the late keyboard genius George Duke.

InThaMomint delivers a dynamic and sophisticated up-tempo piano piece with a precise arrangement. While that enjoy the contemporary jazz fan, may be Sweet Love for the ladies. Jeanette Harris leads on sax the romantic melody and is accompanied by George on piano.

With stomping beat and handclapping comes the uplifting Two Step featuring Leroy Harper, who has toured with soul legend James Brown. Make It Happen shines with full-bodied keyboard and electric piano sound, best balanced on a good stereo system. On Hopeless he excels with elegance on the electric piano again.

Tengo Un Amor celebrates Latin jazz and features the brilliant guitar play of maestro Kay­Ta Matsuno. The song speeds up to a furious Salsa experience. Night Lights has a good flow like a easy going ride through the city at night, when the lights reflect on the front of the vehicle. Tgif keeps that groove with guitarist Keith Jenkins and saxophonist Leroy Harper get involved perfectly. The album ends with a reprise of InThaMomint.

George Freeman has delivered with Make It Happen a masterpiece that brings everything the gentle listener only wants. Great keyboard, great piano and great entertainment.






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Album information

Title: Make It Happen
Artist: George Freeman
Year: 2015
Length: 0:33:55
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Low Key Productions

01 Timeless [0:55]
02 InThaMomint [3:38]
03 Sweet Love [3:44]
04 Two Step [4:38]
05 Make It Happen [3:30]
06 Hopeless [3:29]
07 Tengo Un Amor [4:09]
08 Night Lights [4:26]
09 Tgif [4:10]
10 InThaMomint [1:16]