Los Angeles studio guitarist Freddie Fox is an in-demand sideman. One can listen to his signature guitar sound on Marion Meadows' albums Dressed To Chill and Player's Club, George Benson and Al Jarreau's Morning, Walter Beasley's Just Kickin' and many more. His self-titled debut album as solo interpret was released in 2003 and received high acclaim.

His sophomore album is titled Feelin' It (2008). Freddie comments: "These days it takes something special to really perk up our ears here in SmoothJazzland. And I've delivered just that! Fact is, I get it! I know what works for Smooth Jazz right now. This one’s a slam dunk, one fashionable track right after the other. So what’s left? You must hear it! * See it * Experience " Freddie Fox" the gentle southern man." One can absolutely trust these words of a serious musician. On this album one finds the who-is-who of smooth jazz.  Nelson Rangell, Najee, Walter Beasley, Michael Lington on sax, Luis Conte on percussion, and Evelyn "Champagne" King on lead vocals on "Happy Feelings"!, Alex Al, Mel Brown on bass, Michael White on drums, and many more.

The starting title Southern Ways features sax player Nelson Rangell in his typical attitude. Freddie Fox shows his elegance in mesmerizing riffs. A strong back up by horn section Lewis Taylor (saxes), Steve Baxter (trombone) and Johnny Britt (trumpet) completes the professional picture.

Feelin' It is the mellow contemplative title song with guest star Najee on sax and flute. However my favorite is Day Dreamin'. On this song Freddie lets his guitar sing as we smooth jazz fans love it. The sultry appeal of the song accelerates with its steady hypnotic repetition.

Walking on George Benson's path No U Turn showcases Freddie's full knowledge of guitar magic and melody. Michael Broening sets some jazzy accents on his keys. Still Lovin' You is Freddie's  confession with a professional musical approach.

We are all dreamin' of the next Smooth Jazz Cruise to the Caribbean Islands. Freddie Fox shares his own imagination of Cruise Control with us. The dynamic and up-tempo song presents Freddie's guitar in good mood.

Happy Feelings is Freddie's personal bouquet of flowers to his beloved wife Evelyn 'Champagne' King. The song was originally performed by Frankie Beverly and Maze for their groundbreaking album Maze in 1977. Their first album after the group changed the name and signed to Capitol Records. Evelyn gives this song a special flair. She is the female counterpart to Frankie Beverly. Superb!

So Much Love is a good opportunity to let the funk out. Freddie shines on his guitar with brilliant riffs. Thank You is a nice slammin' in old style. Freddie is not only a blessed performer but also a gifted composer and arranger. People like him are the soul of soul. Smooth and Just 4 U' are the final stuff to dream along. A wonderful fireplace atmosphere.

Without any doubt is Freddie Fox an enrichment for the smooth jazz genre. There cannot be any better prove than his new album Feelin' It. Freddie, I listened and I'm convinced.



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  • Album information:

    Title: Feelin' It
    Artist: Freddie Fox
    Year: 2008
    Length: 0:44:52
    Genre: Smooth Jazz
    Label: Foxhole Records, Inc.


    01 Southern Ways [3:53]
    02 Feelin' It [3:29]
    03 Day Dreamin' [4:30]
    04 No U Turn [3:59]
    05 Still Lovin' You [4:13]
    06 Cruise Control [4:15]
    07 Happy Feelings [4:50]
    08 So Much Love [4:06]
    09 Thank You [3:48]
    10 Smooth [4:11]
    11 Just 4 U` [3:39]